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Analysis of dry spells in Southern Italy (Calabria) 1-gen-2015 Caloiero, T; Coscarelli, R; Ferrari, Ennio; Sirangelo, Beniamino
An Analysis of the Occurrence Probabilities of Wet and Dry Periods through a Stochastic Monthly Rainfall Model 1-gen-2016 Caloiero, T; Sirangelo, Beniamino; Coscarelli, R; Ferrari, Ennio
Analysis of the slope response to an increase in pore water pressure using the material point method 1-gen-2019 Troncone, A.; Conte, E.; Pugliese, L.
Anisotropy in the free stream region of turbulent flows through emergent rigid vegetation on rough beds 1-gen-2020 Penna, Nadia; Coscarella, Francesco; D’Ippolito, Antonino; Gaudio, Roberto
Assessing Seagrass Restoration Actions through a Micro-Bathymetry Survey Approach (Italy, Mediterranean Sea) 1-gen-2022 Rende, Sf; Bosman, A; Menna, F; Lagudi, A; Bruno, F; Severino, U; Montefalcone, M; Irving, Ad; Raimondi, V; Calvo, S; Pergent, G; Pergent-Martini, C; Tomasello, A
Assessment of surface water quality using multivariate analysis: Case study of the crati River, Italy 1-gen-2020 Ioele, G.; De Luca, M.; Grande, F.; Durante, G.; Trozzo, R.; Crupi, C.; Ragno, G.
Bed roughness effects on the turbulence characteristics of flows through emergent rigid vegetation 1-gen-2020 Penna, Nadia; Coscarella, Francesco; D'Ippolito, Antonino; Gaudio, Roberto
Bivariate return period for design hyetograph and relationship with T-year design flood peak 1-gen-2017 DE LUCA, DAVIDE LUCIANO; Biondi, Daniela
BTX Removal from Open Aqueous Systems by Modified Cellulose Fibers and Evaluation of Competitive Evaporation Kinetics 1-gen-2020 Tursi, Antonio; Chidichimo, Francesco; Bagetta, Rita; Beneduci, Amerigo
Design of a remote-controlled platform for green roof plants monitoring via hyperspectral sensors 1-gen-2019 Moroni, M.; Porti, M.; Piro, P.
Determination of Force Coefficients for a Submerged Rigid Breakwater under the Action of Solitary Waves 1-gen-2021 Aristodemo, F; Tripepi, G; Gurnari, L; Filianoti, P
Discharge coefficients for sluice gates set in weirs at different ustream wall inclination 1-gen-2020 Lauria, A.; Calomino, F.; Alfonsi, G.; D'Ippolito, A.
Dissolved organic matter in continental hydro-geothermal systems: Insights from two hot springs of the east african rift valley 1-gen-2020 Butturini, A.; Amalfitano, S.; Herzsprung, P.; Lechtenfeld, O.; Venturi, S.; Olaka, L. A.; Pacini, N.; Harper, D. M.; Tassi, F.; Fazi, S.
Dissolved Organic Matter in Continental Hydro-Geothermal Systems: Insights from Two Hot Springs of the East African Rift Valley 1-gen-2020 Butturini, Andrea; Amalfitano, Stefano; Herzsprung, Peter; Lechtenfeld, Oliver; Venturi, Stefania; Olaka, Lydia A.; Pacini, Nicola; Harper, David M.; Tassi, Franco; Fazi, Stefano
Editorial for the special issue “water-induced landslides: Prediction and control” 1-gen-2021 Troncone, A.; Conte, E.
Effect of the Junction Angle on Turbulent Flow at a Hydraulic Confluence 1-gen-2018 Penna, Nadia; DE MARCHIS, Mauro; Olga Birjukova Canelas, ; Napoli, Enrico; Cardoso, António H.; Gaudio, Roberto
Effects of DEM Depression Filling on River Drainage Patterns and Surface Runoff Generated by 2D Rain-on-Grid Scenarios 1-gen-2022 Costabile, P.; Costanzo, C.; Gandolfi, C.; Gangi, F.; Masseroni, D.
Elemental Fractionation in Sabellariidae (Polychaeta) Biocement and Comparison with Seawater Pattern: A New Environmental Proxy in a High-Biodiversity Ecosystem? 1-gen-2023 Deias, C.; Guido, A.; Sanfilippo, R.; Apollaro, C.; Dominici, R.; Cipriani, M.; Barca, D.; Vespasiano, G.
Enhancement of Anaerobic Digestion of Waste-Activated Sludge by Conductive Materials under High Volatile Fatty Acids-to-Alkalinity Ratios 1-gen-2021 Calabrò, Paolo S.; Fazzino, Filippo; Limonti, Carlo; Siciliano, Alessio
Experimental Analysis and Modeling of Nitrate Removal through Zero-Valent Magnesium Particles 1-gen-2019 Siciliano, Alessio; Curcio, GIULIA MARIA; Limonti, Carlo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 65
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