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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The assessment of the effectiveness of the unimodal and bimodal models to evaluate the water flow through nature-based solutions substrates 1-gen-2023 Turco, Michele; Palermo, Stefania Anna; Polizzi, Ada; Presta, Ludovica; Pirouz, Behrouz; Piro, Patrizia
CSO treatment strategy based on constituent index relationships in a highly urbanized catchment 1-gen-2007 Piro, Patrizia; M., Carbone; G., Garofalo; J., Sansalone
Estimation of solids loading to rainfall-runoff unit operations using a pollutograph concept for source area watersheds 1-gen-2006 Calomino, Francesco; Sheng, Y.; Sansalone, J.
European attitude to the disposal of wastewater in the sea: The case for a (European) network for sea outfall research 1-gen-1998 Burrows, R.; Neves, M. J. V.; Larsen, T.; Carratelli, E. P.; Veltri, P.
Hybrid membrane operations in water desalination and industrial processes rationalisation 1-gen-2005 Drioli, E.; DI PROFIO, G.; Curcio, Efrem
Management of CSOs based on observations from the urbanized Liguori catchment of Cosenza, Italy 1-gen-2010 Piro, Patrizia; Carbone, M; Garofalo, G; Sansalone, J.
Methodologies to study the surface hydraulic behavior of urban catchments during storm events. 1-gen-2011 Gómez, M; Macchione, Francesco; Russo, B.
Probabilistic Analysis of runoff Simulations in a Small Urban Catchment 1-gen-1997 Calomino, Francesco; Veltri, Paolo; Piro, P.; Niemczynowicz, J.
The role of in situ unit operation/process infiltration treatment on partitioning and speciation of rainfall-runoff 1-gen-2006 Guo, T; Sansalone, J; Piro, Patrizia
Sampling, testing and modeling particle size distribution in urban catch basins 1-gen-2014 Garofalo, G; Carbone, M; Piro, Patrizia
Saving of water and chemicals in the tanning industry by membrane processes 1-gen-1999 A., Cassano; Molinari, Raffaele; E., Drioli
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 11 di 11
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