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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A framework for easing the development of applications embedding answer set programming 1-gen-2016 Fuscà, D; Germano, S; Zangari, J; Anastasio, M; Calimeri, Francesco; Perri, Simona
A Parallel ASP Instantiator Based on DLV 1-gen-2010 Perri, Simona; Ricca, Francesco; Marco, Sirianni
An Analytical Processing Approach to Supporting Cyber-Security Compliance Assessment 1-gen-2015 Buccafurri, F; Fotia, L; Furfaro, Angelo; Garro, Alfredo; Giacalone, M; Tundis, A.
Automatically Learning Gazetteers from the Deep Web 1-gen-2012 Furche, T; Grasso, Giovanni; Orsi, G; Schallhart, C; Wang, C.
Boosting tuple propagation in multi-relational classification 1-gen-2011 Ghionna, L; Greco, Gianluigi
A compression-based framework for the efficient analysis of business process logs 1-gen-2015 Fazzinga, B; Flesca, Sergio; Furfaro, Filippo; Masciari, E; Pontieri, L.
DIADEM: Domain-centric, Intelligent, Automated Data Extraction Methodology 1-gen-2012 Furche, T; Gottlob, G; Grasso, Giovanni; Gunes, O; Guo, X; Kravchenko, A; Orsi, G; Schallhart, C; Sellers, A; Wang, C.
Discovering expressive process models from noised log data 1-gen-2009 Folino, F; Greco, Gianluigi; Guzzo, Antonella; Pontieri, L.
Efficient discovery of loosely structured motifs in biological data 1-gen-2006 Fassetti, Fabio; Greco, Gianluigi; Terracina, Giorgio
Evaluating PageRank methods for structural sense ranking in labeled tree data 1-gen-2012 Tagarelli, Andrea; Gullo, F.
Event Choice Datalog: A Logic Programming Language for Reasoning in Multiple Dimensions 1-gen-2004 Greco, Gianluigi; Guzzo, A.; Sacca', Domenico; Scarcello, Francesco
Exploring the web with OXPath 1-gen-2011 Furche, T; Gottlob, G; Grasso, Giovanni; Schallhart, C; Sellers, A.
H-DB: a hybrid quantitative-structural sql optimizer 1-gen-2011 Ghionna, L; Greco, Gianluigi; Scarcello, Francesco
How, who and when: Enhancing business process warehouses by graph based queries 1-gen-2016 Fazzinga, B; Flesca, Sergio; Furfaro, Filippo; Masciari, E.; Pontieri, L.; Pulice, C.
Learning rules with negation for text categorization 1-gen-2007 Rullo, Pasquale; C., Cumbo; V., Policicchio
Low-voltage Electricity Customer Profiling based on Load Data Clustering 1-gen-2009 F., Gullo; G., Ponti; Tagarelli, Andrea; S., Iiritano; M., Ruffolo; D., Labate
Offline cleaning of RFID trajectory data 1-gen-2014 Fazzinga, B; Flesca, Sergio; Furfaro, Filippo; Parisi, F.
On the complexity of combinatorial auctions: structured item graphs and hypertree decomposition 1-gen-2007 Gottlob, G; Greco, Gianluigi
On the complexity of computing peer aggrements for consistent query answering in data integration systems 1-gen-2005 Greco, Gianluigi; Scarcello, F.
On the expressiveness of generalization rules for XPath query relaxation 1-gen-2010 Fazzinga, Bettina; Flesca, Sergio; Furfaro, Filippo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 33
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