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Selective acetylation of small biomolecules and their derivatives catalyzed by Er(OTf)3 1-gen-2017 Nardi, Monica; Di Gioia, Maria Luisa; Costanzo, Paola; De Nino, Antonio; Maiuolo, Loredana; Oliverio, Manuela; Olivito, Fabrizio; Procopio, Antonio
Water excellent solvent for the synthesis of bifunctionalized cyclopentenones from furfural 1-gen-2017 Nardi, M.; Costanzo, P.; De Nino, A.; Di Gioia, M. L.; Olivito, F.; Sindona, G.; Procopio, A.
Simple and efficient Fmoc removal in ionic liquid 1-gen-2017 Di Gioia, M. L.; Costanzo, P.; De Nino, A.; Maiuolo, L.; Nardi, M.; Olivito, F.; Procopio, A.
Eco-friendly synthesis of lipophilic EGCG derivatives and antitumor and antioxidant evaluation 1-gen-2018 Paonessa, Rosina; Nardi, Monica; Di Gioia, Maria Luisa; Olivito, Fabrizio; Oliverio, Manuela; Procopio, Antonio
Efficient synthesis of organic thioacetates in water 1-gen-2018 Olivito, F.; Costanzo, P.; Di Gioia, M. L.; Nardi, M.; Oliverio, M.; Procopio, A.
Synthesis and preliminary evaluation of the anti-cancer activity on A549 lung cancer cells of a series of unsaturated disulfides 1-gen-2019 Olivito, Fabrizio; Amodio, Nicola; Di Gioia, Maria Luisa; Nardi, Monica; Oliverio, Manuela; Juli, Giada; Tassone, Pierfrancesco; Procopio, Antonio
Totally green cellulose conversion into bio-oil and cellulose citrate using molten citric acid in an open system: synthesis, characterization and computational investigation of reaction mechanisms 1-gen-2020 Romeo, I.; Olivito, F.; Tursi, A.; Algieri, V.; Beneduci, A.; Chidichimo, G.; Maiuolo, L.; Sicilia, E.; De Nino, A.
Sulfonated cellulose-based magnetic composite as useful media for water remediation from amine pollutants 1-gen-2020 De Nino, A.; Tallarida, M. A.; Algieri, V.; Olivito, F.; Costanzo, P.; De Filpo, G.; Maiuolo, L.
Recent developments on 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions by catalysis in green solvents 1-gen-2020 Maiuolo, L.; Algieri, V.; Olivito, F.; De Nino, A.
Biochar-Supported TiO2-Based Nanocomposites for the Photocatalytic Degradation of Sulfamethoxazole in Water—A Review 1-gen-2021 Chandra Pravin Jagdale, Subhash; Medha, Isha; Kumar Tiwari, Ashwani; Bartoli, Mattia; DE NINO, Antonio; Olivito, Fabrizio
Biochar-supported tio2-based nanocomposites for the photocatalytic degradation of sulfamethoxazole in water—a review 1-gen-2021 Chandra, S.; Jagdale, P.; Medha, I.; Tiwari, A. K.; Bartoli, M.; De Nino, A.; Olivito, F.
A Novel Catalytic Two-Step Process for Preparation of Rigid Polyurethane Foams: Synthesis, Mechanism and Computational Studies 1-gen-2021 Maiuolo, Loredana; Olivito, Fabrizio; Ponte, Fortuna; Algieri, Vincenzo; Tallarida, MATTEO ANTONIO; Tursi, Antonio; Chidichimo, Giuseppe; Sicilia, Emilia; DE NINO, Antonio
Cellulose citrate: a convenient and reusable bio-adsorbent for effective removal of methylene blue dye from artificially contaminated water 1-gen-2021 Olivito, Fabrizio; Algieri, Vincenzo; Jiritano, Antonio; Tallarida, MATTEO ANTONIO; Tursi, Antonio; Costanzo, Paola; Maiuolo, Loredana; DE NINO, Antonio
Efficient and Fast Removal of Oils from Water Surfaces via Highly Oleophilic Polyurethane Composites 1-gen-2021 DE NINO, Antonio; Olivito, Fabrizio; Algieri, Vincenzo; Costanzo, Paola; Jiritano, Antonio; Tallarida, MATTEO ANTONIO; Maiuolo, Loredana
Chronicle of Nanocelluloses (NCs) for Catalytic Applications: Key Advances 1-gen-2021 Maiuolo, Loredana; Algieri, Vincenzo; Olivito, Fabrizio; Tallarida, MATTEO ANTONIO; Costanzo, Paola; Jiritano, Antonio; DE NINO, Antonio
Synthesis, Characterization and Mechanical Properties of Novel Bio-Based Polyurethane Foams Using Cellulose-Derived Polyol for Chain Extension and Cellulose Citrate as a Thickener Additive 1-gen-2021 Maiuolo, Loredana; Olivito, Fabrizio; Algieri, Vincenzo; Costanzo, Paola; Jiritano, Antonio; Tallarida, MATTEO ANTONIO; Tursi, Antonio; Sposato, Corradino; Feo, Andrea; DE NINO, Antonio
Recent Progress in Catalytic Synthesis of 1,2,3-Triazoles 1-gen-2021 DE NINO, Antonio; Maiuolo, Loredana; Costanzo, Paola; Algieri, Vincenzo; Jiritano, Antonio; Olivito, Fabrizio; Tallarida, MATTEO ANTONIO
Biomass conversion 1-gen-2021 Tursi, Antonio; Olivito, Fabrizio
Selective and efficient mercury(II) removal from water by adsorption with a cellulose citrate biopolymer 1-gen-2022 Tursi, Antonio; Gallizzi, Valentina; Olivito, Fabrizio; Algieri, Vincenzo; De Nino, Antonio; Maiuolo, Loredana; Beneduci, Amerigo
Regioselective Synthesis and Molecular Docking Studies of 1,5-Disubstituted 1,2,3-Triazole Derivatives of Pyrimidine Nucleobases 1-gen-2022 Algieri, Vincenzo; Costanzo, Paola; Tallarida, Matteo Antonio; Olivito, Fabrizio; Jiritano, Antonio; Fiorani, Giulia; Peccati, Francesca; Jiménez-Osés, Gonzalo; Maiuolo, Loredana; De Nino, Antonio
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