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Crosstalk between adiponectin and IGF-IR in breast cancer 1-gen-2015 Mauro, Loredana; Naimo, Gd; Ricchio, E; Panno, Maria Luisa; Ando', Sebastiano
Different molecular signaling sustaining adiponectin action in breast cancer 1-gen-2016 Panno, Maria Luisa; Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; Spina, Elena; Andò, Sebastiano; Mauro, Loredana.
Uncoupling effects of ERalpha on LKB1/AMPK signaling induced by adiponectin in breast cancer cells 1-gen-2017 Mauro, Loredana; Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; Gelsomino, Luca; Spina, Elena; Panno, Maria Luisa; Andò, Sebastiano
Uncoupling effects of estrogen receptor α on LKB1/AMPK interaction upon adiponectin exposure in breast cancer 1-gen-2018 Mauro, L; Naimo, Gd; Gelsomino, L; Malivindi, R; Bruno, L; Pellegrino, M; Tarallo, R; Memoli, D; Weisz, A; Panno, Ml; Andò, S
Facile synthesis of pH-responsive polymersomes based on lipidized PEG for intracellular co-delivery of curcumin and methotrexate 1-gen-2018 Curcio, Manuela; Mauro, Loredana; Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; Amantea, Diana; Cirillo, Giuseppe; Tavano, Lorena; Casaburi, Ivan; Nicoletta, Fiore Pasquale; Alvarez-Lorenzo, Carmen; Iemma, Francesca
A novel S379A TARDBP mutation associated to late-onset sporadic ALS 1-gen-2019 Sprovieri, Teresa; Ungaro, Carmine; Perrone, Benedetta; Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; Spataro, Rossella; Cavallaro, Sebastiano; La Bella, Vincenzo; Conforti, Francesca Luisa
Leptin Modulates Exosome Biogenesis in Breast Cancer Cells: An Additional Mechanism in Cell-to-Cell Communication 1-gen-2019 Giordano, Cinzia; Gelsomino, Luca; Barone, Ines; Panza, Salvatore; Augimeri, Giuseppina; Bonofiglio, Daniela; Rovito, Daniela; Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; Leggio, Antonella; Catalano, Stefania; Ando, Sebastiano
A Systems Biology Approach for Personalized Medicine in Refractory Epilepsy 1-gen-2019 Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; Guarnaccia, Maria; Teresa, Sprovieri; Carmine, Ungaro; Conforti, Francesca Luisa; Ando', Sebastiano; Sebastiano Cavallaro, And
The emerging role of adiponectin in female malignancies 1-gen-2019 Gelsomino, L.; Naimo, G. D.; Catalano, S.; Mauro, L.; Ando, S.
Valproic acid addresses neuroendocrine differentiation of LNCaP cells and maintains cell survival 1-gen-2019 Giordano, F.; Naimo, G. D.; Nigro, A.; Romeo, F.; Paoli, A.; De Amicis, F.; Vivacqua, A.; Morelli, C.; Mauro, L.; Panno, M. L.
A systems biology approach to interpret the pharmacogenomic role of copy number variations in a patient with refractory epilepsy and intellectual disability 1-gen-2020 Guarnaccia, Maria; Daniela Naimo, Giuseppina; Luisa Conforti, Francesca; Cavallaro, Sebastiano
Interfering Role of ERα on Adiponectin Action in Breast Cancer 1-gen-2020 Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; Gelsomino, Luca; Catalano, Stefania; Mauro, Loredana; Ando', Sebastiano
Novel insights into adiponectin action in breast cancer: Evidence of its mechanistic effects mediated by ERα expression 1-gen-2020 Andò, Sebastiano; Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; Gelsomino, Luca; Catalano, Stefania; Mauro, Loredana
Self-assembling Dextran prodrug for redox- and pH-responsive co-delivery of therapeutics in cancer cells 1-gen-2020 Curcio, M.; Cirillo, G.; Paoli', Alessandro; Naimo, G. D.; Mauro, L.; Amantea, D.; Leggio, A.; Nicoletta, F. P.; Iemma, F.
Knockdown of Leptin Receptor Affects Macrophage Phenotype in the Tumor Microenvironment Inhibiting Breast Cancer Growth and Progression 1-gen-2020 Gelsomino, Luca; Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; Malivindi, Rocco; Augimeri, Giuseppina; Panza, Salvatore; Giordano, Cinzia; Barone, Ines; Bonofiglio, Daniela; Mauro, Loredana; Catalano, Stefania; Ando', Sebastiano
Leptin and Notch Signaling Cooperate in Sustaining Glioblastoma Multiforme Progression 1-gen-2020 Panza, Salvatore; Russo, Umberto; Giordano, Francesca; Leggio, Antonella; Barone, Ines; Bonofiglio, Daniela; Gelsomino, Luca; Malivindi, Rocco; Conforti, Francesca Luisa; Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; Giordano, Cinzia; Catalano, Stefania; Ando', Sebastiano
EZH2 T367 phosphorylation activates p38 signaling through lysine methylation to promote breast cancer progression 1-gen-2022 Gonzalez, Maria E; Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; Anwar, Talha; Paolì, Alessandro; Tekula, Shilpa R; Kim, Suny; Medhora, Natasha; Leflein, Shoshana A; Itkin, Jacob; Trievel, Raymond; Kidwell, Kelley M; Chen, Yu-Chih; Mauro, Loredana; Yoon, Euisik; Andò, Sebastiano; Kleer, Celina G.
Unraveling the Role of Adiponectin Receptors in Obesity-Related Breast Cancer 1-gen-2023 Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; Paolì, Alessandro; Giordano, Francesca; Forestiero, Martina; Panno, Maria Luisa; Andò, Sebastiano; Mauro, Loredana
Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf. Seed Extract Induces Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis in the Androgen Receptor Positive LNCaP Prostate Cancer Cells 1-gen-2023 Giordano, Francesca; Comità, Stefano; Venneri, Giulia; Rago, Vittoria; Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; De Amicis, Francesca; De Bartolo, Anna; Tundis, Rosa; Mauro, Loredana; Panno, Maria Luisa
Valproic acid inhibits cell growth in both MCF‑7 and MDA‑MB231 cells by triggering different responses in a cell type‑specific manner 1-gen-2023 Giordano, Francesca; Paolì, Alessandro; Forastiero, Martina; Marsico, Stefania; DE AMICIS, Francesca; Marrelli, Mariangela; Naimo, Giuseppina Daniela; Mauro, Loredana; Panno, Maria Luisa
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