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Occupant Behavior: A “New” Factor in Energy Performance of Buildings - Methods for Its Detection in Houses and in Offices 1-gen-2018 DE SIMONE, Marilena; Fajilla, Gianmarco
Occupancy profiles modelling based on indoor measurements and clustering analysis: Application in an office building 1-gen-2018 Dafni, Mora; DE SIMONE, Marilena; Fajilla, Gianmarco; Fábrega, José R.
Application of survey on energy consumption and occupancy in residential buildings. An experience in Southern Italy 1-gen-2018 Carpino, Cristina; Fajilla, Gianmarco; Gaudio, Angela; Mora, Dafni; DE SIMONE, Marilena
Gender-related Differences in Perceived Productivity and Indoor Environmental Quality Acceptance-Results of a Questionnaire Survey in University Workplaces 1-gen-2019 DE SIMONE, Marilena; Fajilla, Gianmarco
Activity and occupancy profiling based on data collected by questionnaire. Pilot study on a residential buildings sample. 1-gen-2019 Carpino, Chiara; Fajilla, G; DE SIMONE, Marilena
Il questionario come metodo di indagine sui profili di occupazione in edifici residenziali. Uno studio pilota 1-gen-2019 Fajilla, Gianmarco; DE SIMONE, Marilena
Integration of occupants’ behavior in design and operation of thermal solar systems in residential buildings located in Southern Italy 1-gen-2019 DE SIMONE, Marilena; Fajilla, Gianmarco; Sabato, Adolfo
Comfort, satisfaction and productivity of employees in the University of Calabria. Preliminary results of an interdisciplinary survey on the human-building interaction 1-gen-2019 Fajilla, Gianmarco; DE SIMONE, Marilena
Occupancy patterns obtained by heuristic approaches: Cluster analysis and logical flowcharts. A case study in a university office 1-gen-2019 Mora, Dafni; Fajilla, Gianmarco; Austin, Miguel Chen; De Simone, Marilena
Evaluación de la técnica de fusión de sensores para la detección de ocupación en una oficina universitaria (Assessment of the Sensor-fusion Technique for Occupancy Detection in a University Office) 1-gen-2020 Chen Austin, Miguel; Mora, Dafni; Fajilla, Gianmarco; DE SIMONE, Marilena
Assessment of the impact of Occupants’ Behavior and climate change on heating and cooling energy needs of buildings 1-gen-2020 Fajilla, G.; De Simone, M.; Cabeza, L. F.; Braganca, L.
Modeling occupant behavior in buildings 1-gen-2020 Carlucci, S.; De Simone, M.; Firth, S. K.; Kjaergaard, M. B.; Markovic, R.; Rahaman, M. S.; Annaqeeb, M. K.; Biandrate, S.; Das, A.; Dziedzic, J. W.; Fajilla, G.; Favero, M.; Ferrando, M.; Hahn, J.; Han, M.; Peng, Y.; Salim, F.; Schluter, A.; van Treeck, C.
A review of select human-building interfaces and their relationship to human behavior, energy use and occupant comfort 1-gen-2020 Day, J. K.; Mcilvennie, C.; Brackley, C.; Tarantini, M.; Piselli, C.; Hahn, J.; O'Brien, W.; Rajus, V. S.; De Simone, M.; Kjaergaard, M. B.; Pritoni, M.; Schluter, A.; Peng, Y.; Schweiker, M.; Fajilla, G.; Becchio, C.; Fabi, V.; Spigliantini, G.; Derbas, G.; Pisello, A. L.
Assessment of probabilistic models to estimate the occupancy state in office buildings using indoor parameters and user-related variables 1-gen-2021 Fajilla, Gianmarco; Chen Austin, Miguel; Mora, Dafni; De Simone, Marilena
Effect of Climate Change and Occupant Behaviour on the Environmental Impact of the Heating and Cooling Systems of a Real Apartment. A Parametric Study through Life Cycle Assessment 1-gen-2021 Fajilla, Gianmarco; Borri, Emiliano; De Simone, Marilena; Cabeza, Luisa F.; Bragança, Luís
A Study on the Commonly Adopted Energy Sources and Production Systems for Domestic Hot Water in the Calabria Region (Italy) 1-gen-2021 DE SIMONE, Marilena; Callea, Liliangela; Fajilla, Gianmarco
Surveys and inferential statistics to analyze contextual and personal factors influencing domestic hot water systems and usage profiles in residential buildings of Southern Italy 1-gen-2022 De Simone, Marilena; Callea, Liliangela; Fajilla, Gianmarco
A guideline to document occupant behavior models for advanced building controls 1-gen-2022 Dong, B.; Markovic, R.; Carlucci, S.; Liu, Y.; Wagner, A.; Liguori, A.; van Treeck, C.; Oleynikov, D.; Azar, E.; Fajilla, G.; Drgona, J.; Kim, J.; Vellei, M.; De Simone, M.; Shamsaiee, M.; Bavaresco, M.; Favero, M.; Kjaergaard, M.; Osman, M.; Frahm, M.; Dabirian, S.; Yan, D.; Kang, X.
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