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The degradation pathways in chloride medium of the third generation anticancer drug oxaliplatin 1-gen-2008 Alberto, M. E.; Lucas, M. F.; Pavelka, M.; Russo, N.
The Second-Generation Anticancer Drug Nedaplatin: A Theoretical Investigation on the Hydrolysis Mechanism 1-gen-2009 Alberto, M. E.; Lucas, M. F. A.; Pavelka, M.; Russo, Nino
Neutral and Acidic Hydrolysis Reactions of the Third Generation Anticancer Drug Oxaliplatin 1-gen-2009 Lucas, M. F. A.; Pavelka, M.; Alberto, M. E.; Russo, Nino
The mutual influence of non-covalent interactions in π-electron deficient cavities: the case of anion recognition by tetraoxacalix[2]arene[2]triazine 1-gen-2010 Alberto, M. E.; Mazzone, G.; Russo, Nino; Sicilia, Emilia
A Detailed Investigation on the Catalytic Mechanism of Fe(III)-Zn(II) Purple Acid Phosphatase 1-gen-2010 ALBERTO MARTA, E; Marino, Tiziana; RUSSO NINO AND RAMOS MARIA, J.
Can Human Prolidase Enzyme Use Different Metals for Full Catalytic Activity? 1-gen-2011 Alberto, M. E.; Leopoldini, M.; Russo, Nino
Methionine ligand selectively promotes monofunctional adducts between trans-EE platinum anticancer drug and guanine DNA base 1-gen-2011 Alberto, M. E.; Russo, Nino
Rhenium(iv) compounds inducing apoptosis in cancer cells 1-gen-2011 Martinez-Lillo, J.; Mastropietro, T. F.; Lappano, R.; Madeo, A.; Alberto, M. E.; Russo, N.; Maggiolini, M.; De Munno, G.
Which One among the Pt-Containing Anticancer Drugs More Easily Forms Monoadducts with G and A DNA Bases? A Comparative Study among Oxaliplatin, Nedaplatin, and Carboplatin 1-gen-2011 Alberto, M. E.; Butera, V.; Russo, Nino
The performance of density functional based methods in the description of selected biological systems and processes 1-gen-2012 Alberto, M. E.; Marino, Tiziana; Russo, Nino; Sicilia, Emilia; Toscano, Marirosa
Experimental and theoretical characterization of a new synthesized extended viologen 1-gen-2012 Alberto, Marta Erminia; DE SIMONE, Bruna Clara; Cospito, Sante; Imbardelli, Daniela; Veltri, Lucia; Chidichimo, Giuseppe; Russo, Nino
Hydrolysis mechanism of anticancer Pd(II) complexes with coumarin derivatives: a theoretical investigation 1-gen-2012 Alberto, M. E.; Cosentino, C.; Russo, Nino
EH3 (E=N, P, As) and H2 Activation with N-Heterocyclic Silylene and Germylene Homologues 1-gen-2013 Alberto, Marta Erminia; Russo, Nino; Sicilia, Emilia
Photophysical properties of NIR-emitting fluorescence probes: insights from TD-DFT 1-gen-2013 Eric, Bremond; Alberto, Marta E.; Russo, Nino; Gino, Ricci; Ilaria, Ciofinia; Carlo, Adamo
The Catalytic Mechanism of Protein Phosphatase 5 Established by DFT Calculations 1-gen-2013 Ribeiro, Antonio J. M.; Alberto, Marta E.; Ramos, Maria J.; Fernandes, Pedro A.; Russo, Nino
A physicochemical examination of the free radical scavenging activity of Trolox: mechanism, kinetics and influence of the environment 1-gen-2013 Alberto, M. E.; Russo, Nino; Grand, A.; Galano, A.
Bisanthracene Bis(dicarboxylic imide)s as Potential Photosensitizers in Photodynamic Therapy: A Theoretical Investigation 1-gen-2013 Alberto, Marta E.; Cristina, Iuga; Quartarolo, Angelo D.; Russo, Nino
"Photophysical origin of the reduced photodynamic therapy activity of temocene compared to Foscan®: Insights from theory" 1-gen-2013 Alberto, M; Marino, T; Quartarolo, A; Russo, N
Electronic spectra and intersystem spin-orbit coupling in 1,2- and 1,3-squaraines 1-gen-2014 Alberto, Marta E.; Mazzone, Gloria; Quartarolo, Angelo D.; Flavio Fortes Ramos Sousa, ; Sicilia, Emilia; Russo, Nino
Ab-initio calculations on 1O2 quenching mechanism by trans-resveratrol 1-gen-2014 Mazzone, Gloria; Alberto, Marta E.; Russo, Nino; Sicilia, Emilia
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