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Polymer dispersed liquid crystals: effects of photorefractivity and local heating on holographic recording 1-gen-1999 Simoni, F; Cipparrone, Gabriella; Mazzulla, A; Pagliusi, Pasquale
Spatial periodicity of photorefractive orientational gratings in dye-doped polymer-liquid crystal composite 1-gen-2000 Cipparrone, Gabriella; Mazzulla, A.; Pagliusi, P.
Nonlocal dynamic gratings and energy transfer by optical two-beam coupling in a nematic liquid crystal owing to highly sensitive photoelectric reorientation 1-gen-2001 Pagliusi, Pasquale; Macdonald, R.; Busch, S.; Cipparrone, G.; Kreuzer, M.
Investigation of photorefractive effect in dye doped PDLC: TBC experiments and photoinduced currents measurements 1-gen-2001 Cipparrone, Gabriella; Mazzulla, A; Pagliusi, Pasquale; Simoni, F; Sukhov, Av
Transient photoinduced current in dye-doped polymer and polymer-dispersed liquid crystals 1-gen-2001 Cipparrone, Gabriella; Mazzulla, A.; Pagliusi, Pasquale; Sukhov, A. V.; Ushakov, R. F.
Charge transport due to photoelectric interface activation in pure nematic liquid crystal cells 1-gen-2002 Pagliusi, Pasquale; Cipparrone, Gabriella
Surface-induced photorefractive-like effect in pure liquid crystals 1-gen-2002 Pagliusi, Pasquale; Cipparrone, Gabriella
Photorefractive-like gratings in non-doped nematic liquid crystal cells induced by photoelectric activation of polymer-liquid crystal interface 1-gen-2003 Pagliusi, P.; Cipparrone, G.
Optical two beam coupling for a surface induced photorefractive effect in undoped liquid crystals 1-gen-2003 Pagliusi, Pasquale; Cipparrone, Gabriella
Extremely sensitive light-induced reorientation in nondoped nematic liquid crystal cells due to photoelectric activation of the interface 1-gen-2003 Pagliusi, Pasquale; Cipparrone, G.
Photorefractive effect due to a photoinduced surface-charge modulation in undoped liquid crystals 1-gen-2004 Pagliusi, Pasquale; Cipparrone, Gabriella
Surface relief gratings on polymer dispersed liquid crystals by polarization holography 1-gen-2004 Mazzulla, A.; Pagliusi, Pasquale; Provenzano, C.; Russo, G.; Carbone, G.; Cipparrone, Gabriella
Influence of the ions on the dynamical response of a nematic cell submitted to a dc voltage 1-gen-2004 Scalerandi, M.; Pagliusi, Pasquale; Cipparrone, Gabriella; Barbero, G.
Electrical response of a liquid crystal cell: The role of Debye's layer 1-gen-2006 Barbero, G; Cipparrone, Gabriella; Martins, O. G.; Pagliusi, Pasquale; Neto, A. M. F.
Surface vibrational spectroscopic studies of rubbed polyvinyl cinnamate for liquid crystal alignment 1-gen-2006 Pagliusi, Pasquale; Chen, C. Y.; Shen, Y. R.
Sensing vase-to-kite switching of cavitands by sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy 1-gen-2006 Pagliusi, Pasquale; LAGUGNE LABARTHET, F; Shenoy, D. K.; Dalcanale, E; Shen, Y. R.
Highly efficient liquid crystal based diffraction grating induced by polarization holograms at the aligning surfaces 1-gen-2006 Provenzano, C; Pagliusi, Pasquale; Cipparrone, Gabriella
Surface vibrational spectroscopy on polyvinyl cinnamate: Searching for molecular-level understanding of surface-induced liquid crystal alignment 1-gen-2006 Shen, Yr; Chen, Cy; Pagliusi, Pasquale
Mirrorless lasing from nematic liquid crystals in the plane waveguide geometry without refractive index or gain modulation 1-gen-2006 Blinov, L. M.; Cipparrone, Gabriella; Pagliusi, Pasquale; Lazarev, V. V.; Palto, S. P.
Molecular orientation and alignment of rubbed poly(vinyl cinnamate) surfaces 1-gen-2006 Pagliusi, Pasquale; Chen, C. Y.; Shen, Y. R.
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