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Sea surface temperature variation linked to elemental mercury concentrations measured on Mauna Loa 1-gen-2016 Carbone, F.; Landis, M. S.; Gencarelli, C. N.; Naccarato, A.; Sprovieri, F.; De Simone, F.; Hedgecock, I. M.; Pirrone, N.
Multivariate class modeling techniques applied to multielement analysis for the verification of the geographical origin of chili pepper 1-gen-2016 Naccarato, A; Furia, Emilia; Sindona, Giovanni; Tagarelli, Antonio
Apis mellifera ligustica, Spinola 1806 as bioindicator for detecting environmental contamination: a preliminary study of heavy metal pollution in Trieste, Italy 1-gen-2017 Giglio, Anita; Ammendola, A; Battistella, S; Naccarato, A; Pallavicini, A; Simeon, E; Tagarelli, Antonio; Giulianini, Pg
Multivariate optimization of a microextraction by packed sorbent-programmed temperature vaporization-gas chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry method for organophosphate flame retardant analysis in environmental aqueous matrices 1-gen-2017 Naccarato, Attilio; Elliani, Rosangela; Sindona, Giovanni; Tagarelli, Antonio
Inter-Comparison of Carbon Content in PM2.5 and PM10 Collected at Five Measurement Sites in Southern Italy 1-gen-2017 Dinoi, Adelaide; Cesari, Daniela; Marinoni, Angela; Bonasoni, Paolo; Riccio, Angelo; Chianese, Elena; Tirimberio, Giuseppina; Naccarato, Attilio; Sprovieri, Francesca; Andreoli, Virginia; Moretti, Sacha; Gullì, Daniel; Calidonna, Claudia; Ammoscato, Ivano; Contini, Daniele
Beetles “in red”: are the endangered flat bark beetles Cucujus cinnaberinus and C. haematodes chemically protected? (Coleoptera: Cucujidae) 1-gen-2018 Bonacci, Teresa; Mazzei, A; Naccarato, A; Elliani, R; Tagarelli, A; Brandmayr, P.
First measurement results on greenhouse gases collected at the high-altitude Monte Curcio observatory in the southern Mediterranean region 1-gen-2018 Bencardino, M.; D’Amore, F.; Castagna, J.; Mannarino, V.; Moretti, S.; Naccarato, A.; Sprovieri, F.; Pirrone, N.
Development of a fast and simple gas chromatographic protocol based on the combined use of alkyl chloroformate and solid phase microextraction for the assay of polyamines in human urine 1-gen-2018 Naccarato, Attilio; Elliani, Rosangela; Cavaliere, Brunella; Sindona, Giovanni; Tagarelli, Antonio
The superstatistical nature and interoccurrence time of atmospheric mercury concentration fluctuations 1-gen-2018 Carbone, F; Bruno, A G; Naccarato, A; De Simone, F; Gencarelli, C N; Sprovieri, F; Hedgecock, I M; Landis, M S; Skov, H; Pfaffhuber, K A; Read, K A; Martin, L; Angot, H; Dommergue, A; Magand, O; Pirrone, N
Investigating the robustness and extraction performance of a matrix-compatible solid-phase microextraction coating in human urine and its application to assess 2-6-ring polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using GC-MS/MS 1-gen-2018 Naccarato, Attilio; Gionfriddo, Emanuela; Elliani, Rosangela; Pawliszyn, Janusz; Sindona, Giovanni; Tagarelli, Antonio
Recent applications and newly developed strategies of solid-phase microextraction in contaminant analysis: Through the environment to humans 1-gen-2019 Naccarato, A.; Tagarelli, A.
In vivo solid-phase microextraction gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (SPME-GC-MS) assay to identify epicuticular profiles across task groups of Apis mellifera ligustica workers 1-gen-2019 Naccarato, Attilio; Cavaliere, F.; Tassone, A.; Brandmayr, P.; Tagarelli, A.; Pirrone, N.; Sprovieri, F.; Giglio, A.
Carbonaceous Aerosols Collected at the Observatory of Monte Curcio in the Southern Mediterranean Basin 1-gen-2019 Bencardino, Mariantonia; Andreoli, Virginia; D’Amore, Francesco; De Simone, Francesco; Mannarino, Valentino; Castagna, Jessica; Moretti, Sacha; Naccarato, Attilio; Sprovieri, Francesca; Pirrone, Nicola
A rapid method for the quantification of urinary phthalate monoesters: A new strategy for the assessment of the exposure to phthalate ester by solid-phase microextraction with gas chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry 1-gen-2020 Elliani, R.; Naccarato, A.; Malacaria, L.; Tagarelli, A.
Recovery of aromatics from orange juice evaporator condensate streams by reverse osmosis 1-gen-2020 Destani, F.; Naccarato, A.; Tagarelli, A.; Cassano, A.
Agrochemical treatments as a source of heavy metals and rare earth elements in agricultural soils and bioaccumulation in ground beetles 1-gen-2020 Naccarato, A.; Tassone, A.; Cavaliere, F.; Elliani, R.; Pirrone, N.; Sprovieri, F.; Tagarelli, A.; Giglio, A.
Contribution of Volcanic and Fumarolic Emission to the Aerosol in Marine Atmosphere in the Central Mediterranean Sea: Results from Med-Oceanor 2017 Cruise Campaign 1-gen-2020 Moretti, Sacha; Salmatonidis, Apostolos; Querol, Xavier; Tassone, Antonella; Andreoli, Virginia; Bencardino, Mariantonia; Pirrone, Nicola; Sprovieri, Francesca; Naccarato, Attilio
Modification of the EPA method 1631E for the quantification of total mercury in natural waters 1-gen-2020 Tassone, Antonella; Moretti, Sacha; Martino, Maria; Pirrone, Nicola; Sprovieri, Francesca; Naccarato, Attilio
An innovative green protocol for the quantification of benzothiazoles, benzotriazoles and benzosulfonamides in PM10 using microwave-assisted extraction coupled with solid-phase microextraction gas chromatography tandem-mass spectrometry 1-gen-2021 Naccarato, A.; Tassone, A.; Martino, M.; Elliani, R.; Sprovieri, F.; Pirrone, N.; Tagarelli, A.
A field intercomparison of three passive air samplers for gaseous mercury in ambient air 1-gen-2021 Naccarato, A.; Tassone, A.; Martino, M.; Moretti, S.; Macagnano, A.; Zampetti, E.; Papa, P.; Avossa, J.; Pirrone, N.; Nerentorp, M.; Munthe, J.; Wangberg, I.; Stupple, G. W.; Mitchell, C. P. J.; Martin, A. R.; Steffen, A.; Babi, D.; Prestbo, E. M.; Sprovieri, F.; Wania, F.
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