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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Compact Slotted Planar Inverted-F Antenna: Design Principle and Preliminary Results 1-gen-2020 Costanzo, S.; Qureshi, A. M.
Complex permittivity effect on the performances of non-invasive microwave blood glucose sensing: Enhanced model and preliminary results 1-gen-2018 Costanzo, S.; Cioffi, V.; Raffo, A.
Dielectric Characterization of Breast Phantoms for Phaseless Microwave Imaging Focused on Tumor Identification 1-gen-2021 Costanzo, S.; Lopez, G.
Inducing Clinical Course Variations in Multiple Sclerosis White Matter Networks 1-gen-2019 Melissari, Giovanni; Marzullo, Aldo; Stamile, Claudio; Calimeri, Francesco; Durand-Dubief, Françoise; Sappey-Marinier, Dominique
IoT Non-contact Body Temperature Measurement System Implementing Access Control for COVID-19 1-gen-2021 Costanzo, S.; Flores, A. M.
Learning Style Identification by CHAEA Junior Questionnaire and Artificial Neural Network Method: A Case Study 1-gen-2020 R., Torres-Molina; L., Guachi-Guachi; R., Guachi; Perri, Stefania; F., Ortega-Zamorano
Miniaturized wearable minkowski planar inverted-F antenna 1-gen-2020 Costanzo, S.; Qureshi, A. M.
An Overview of RFID Benefits and Limitations: Hardware Solution for Multipath Reduction 1-gen-2019 Venneri, F.; Costanzo, S.
Preface - Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 1-gen-2021 Gonzalez, S. R.; Gonzalez-Briones, A.; Gola, A.; Katranas, G.; Ricca, M.; Loukanova, R.; Prieto, J.
Preliminary SAR analysis of textile antenna sensor for non-invasive blood-glucose monitoring 1-gen-2020 Costanzo, S.; Cioffi, V.
Quadrature receiver benefits in CW doppler radar sensors for vibrations detection 1-gen-2018 Raffo, A.; Costanzo, S.; Cioffi, V.
Single-step approach to phaseless contrast-source inverse scattering 1-gen-2019 Costanzo, S.; Lopez, G.
Structural Compliance Effects on the Accuracy and Safety of a R-CUBE Haptic Device 1-gen-2020 Carbone, G.; Acinapura, A.; Mundo, D.; Gorgulu, I.; Can Dede, M. I.
Tissue-Mimicking Phantoms: Dielectric Characterization and Design of a Multi-layer Substrate for Microwave Blood Glucose Monitoring 1-gen-2021 Costanzo, S.; Cioffi, V.; Lopez, G.
Wearable approach for contactless blood-glucose monitoring by textile antenna sensor 1-gen-2019 Cioffi, V.; Costanzo, S.
Mostrati risultati da 2 a 16 di 16
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