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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Ground Response Analyses for a Zoned Earth Dam Site in Southern Italy 1-gen-2020 Regina, G.; Cairo, R.; Zimmaro, P.
Il ground zero della scrittura. Politica degli autori dopo l'11 settembre 1-gen-2005 Bruno, Marcello Walter
Ground-penetrating radar prospections at the Roman Domus of Mdina (Malta) 1-gen-2021 Brown, R.; Cardona, D.; De Giorgi, L.; Leucci, G.; Lowe, B. J.; Persico, R.; Tanasi, D.; Wilkinson, A.
Grounding and Solving in Answer Set Programming 1-gen-2016 Kaufmann, B; Leone, Nicola; Perri, Simona; Schaub, T.
Grounding planning tasks using tree decompositions and iterated solving 1-gen-2023 Corrêa, Augusto B.; Hecher, Markus; Helmert, Malte; Longo, Davide Mario; Pommerening, Florian; Woltran, Stefan
Groundwater pollution assessment in landfill areas: Is it only about the leachate? 1-gen-2020 Chidichimo, Francesco; De Biase, Michele; Straface, Salvatore
Groundwater quality and hydrogeochemical characteristics of a metamorphic aquifer in northern Calabria 1-gen-2009 Apollaro, Carmine; Bloise, Andrea; Biddau, R; DE ROSA, R; Marini, L; Miriello, D; Muto, F; Polemio, M.
A Groundwater Resource Index (GRI) for drought monitoring and forecasting in a Mediterranean climate 1-gen-2008 Senatore, A; Mendicino, Giuseppe; Versace, P.
Group 3 metal compounds and use therefor in the treatment of solid timors 1-gen-2019 Arra, Claudio; Caporale, Angelamaria; Longo, Pasquale; Mariconda, Annaluisa; Palma, Giuseppe; Puoci, Francesco; Saturnino, Carmela; Sinicropi, Maria Stefania
GROUP 3 METAL COMPOUNDS AND USE THEREOF IN THE TREATMENT OF SOLID TUMORS 1-gen-2017 Longo, Pasquale ; Saturnino, CARMELA ); Arra, CLAUDIO); Palma, Giuseppe; Caporale, Angelamaria; Mariconda, Annaluisa; Sinicropi, Maria Stefania; Puoci, Francesco 
Group decision making via weighted propositional logic: Complexity and islands of tractability 1-gen-2015 Greco, Gianluigi; Lang, J.
Group Interactions in Wireless Cooperative Networks 1-gen-2011 Militano, L; Fitzek, F HP; Iera, A; Molinaro, A
Group psychodynamic counselling as a clinical training device to enhance metacognitive skills and agency in future clinical psychologists 1-gen-2018 Scandurra, C.; Picariello, S.; Scafaro, D.; Bochicchio, V.; Valerio, P.; Amodeo, A. L.
Group psychodynamic counselling with final-year undergraduates in clinical psychology: A clinical methodology to reinforce academic identity and psychological well-being 1-gen-2017 Amodeo, A. L.; Picariello, S.; Valerio, P.; Bochicchio, V.; Scandurra, C.
Group Reasoning in Social Environments 1-gen-2017 Acar, E; Greco, Gianluigi; Manna, Marco
Group Theoretical Characterization of Wave Equations 1-gen-2017 Nistico', Giuseppe Antonio
Group Theoretical Derivation of Consistent Free Particle Theories 1-gen-2020 Giuseppe, Nisticò
Group Theoretical Derivation of Consistent Massless Particle Theories 1-gen-2021 Nisticò, Giuseppe
Group theoretical derivation of consistent particle theories 1-gen-2023 Nistico, Giuseppe Antonio
Group theoretical derivation of the minimal coupling principle 1-gen-2017 Nistico', Giuseppe Antonio
Mostrati risultati da 26.664 a 26.683 di 71.552
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