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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Affinity and similarity of local scour holes at bed sills 1-gen-2007 Tregnaghi, M; Marion, A; Gaudio, Roberto
Analysis of convergent flow tracer tests in a heterogeneous sandy box with connected gravel channels 1-gen-2015 Molinari, A; Pedretti, D; Fallico, Carmine
Analysis of Flow Resistance Equations in Gravel-Bed Rivers With Intermittent Regimes: Calabrian fiumare Data Set 1-gen-2019 Mendicino, G.; Colosimo, F.
Comparing Hydrological Postprocessors Including Ensemble Predictions Into Full Predictive Probability Distribution of Streamflow 1-gen-2018 Biondi, D.; Todini, Ezio
Hydraulic Characterization of River Networks Based on Flow Patterns Simulated by 2-D Shallow Water Modeling: Scaling Properties, Multifractal Interpretation, and Perspectives for Channel Heads Detection 1-gen-2019 Costabile, P.; Costanzo, C.; De Bartolo, S.; Gangi, F.; Macchione, F.; Tomasicchio, G. R.
The Impact of Soil Tension on Isotope Fractionation, Transport, and Interpretations of the Root Water Uptake Origin 1-gen-2023 Zhou, Tiantian; Šimůnek, Jiří; Nasta, Paolo; Brunetti, Giuseppe; Gaj, Marcel; Neukum, Christoph; Post, Vincent
Insights into lateral marsh retreat mechanism through localized field measurements 1-gen-2016 Bendoni, M.; Mel, Riccardo Alvise; Solari, L.; Lanzoni, S.; Francalanci, S.; Oumeraci, H.
Modeling the Translocation and Transformation of Chemicals in the Soil‐Plant Continuum: A Dynamic Plant Uptake Module for the HYDRUS Model 1-gen-2019 Brunetti, Giuseppe; Kodešová, Radka; Šimůnek, Jiří
Monitoring and Modeling Drainage Network Contraction and Dry Down in Mediterranean Headwater Catchments 1-gen-2021 Senatore, A.; Micieli, M.; Liotti, A.; Durighetto, N.; Mendicino, G.; Botter, G.
Multifractal analysis of river networks: sandbox approach 1-gen-2004 DE BARTOLO, S. G.; Gaudio, Roberto; Gabriele, S.
Optimizing Managed Aquifer Recharge Locations in California’s Central Valley using an Evolutionary Multi‐Objective Genetic Algorithm coupled with a Hydrological Simulation Model 1-gen-2023 Kourakos, Georgios; Brunetti, Giuseppe; Bigelow, Daniel P.; Wallander, Steven; Dahlke, Helen E
Relation between grid, channel, and Peano networks in high-resolution digital elevation models 1-gen-2016 De Bartolo, S; Dell'Accio, Francesco; Frandina, G; Moretti, G; Orlandini, S; Veltri, Massimo
Reply to Comment by J. Qin and T. Wu on "Analysis of Flow Resistance Equations in Gravel Bed Rivers With Intermittent Regimes: Calabrian fiumare Data Set" 1-gen-2020 Mendicino, G; Colosimo, F
Roughness-Based Method for Simulating Hydraulic Consequences of Both Woody Debris Clogging and Breakage at Bridges in Basin-Scale Flood Modeling 1-gen-2021 Macchione, F.; Lombardo, M.
Seasonal and Storm Event-Based Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) Concentration in a Mediterranean Headwater Catchment 1-gen-2023 Senatore, A.; Corrente, G. A.; Argento, E. L.; Castagna, J.; Micieli, M.; Mendicino, G.; Beneduci, A.; Botter, G.
Sequential aquifer tests at a well field, Montalto Uffugo Scalo, Italy 1-gen-2007 Straface, Salvatore; Yeh, T. C. J.; Zhu, J; Troisi, S; Lee, C. H.
Three-dimensional unsaturated flow modeling using cellular automata 1-gen-2006 Mendicino, G; Senatore, A; Spezzano, G; Straface, Salvatore
Three-dimensional unsaturated flow modelling using cellular automata 1-gen-2006 Mendicino, Giuseppe; Senatore, A; Spezzano, G; Straface, S.
Toward Street-Level Nowcasting of Flash Floods Impacts Based on HPC Hydrodynamic Modeling at the Watershed Scale and High-Resolution Weather Radar Data 1-gen-2023 Costabile, P.; Costanzo, C.; Kalogiros, J.; Bellos, V.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 19 di 19
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