DE LUCA, Michele
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Photostabilization studies of antihypertensive 1,4-dihydropyridines using polymeric containers, file c5d5ed8a-8425-4015-a848-c7fe8547d78c 14
Recent advances in PI3K/PKB/mTOR inhibitors as new anticancer agents, file 1089a17e-421c-407c-9cfa-9da6113be7cf 4
Photosensitive drugs: a review on their photoprotection by liposomes and cyclodextrins, file ddc632d3-bb7c-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 4
Cyclodextrin matrices as photoprotective systems of anti-inflammatory agents for topical use, file ddc632d4-f50b-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 4
Cyclodextrins in topical gel formulation as photoprotective system for Nabumetone, file ddc632d5-6ac4-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 4
Chemometric analysis for discrimination of extra virgin olive oils from whole and stoned olive pastes, file 259e03ad-a1f2-4b42-9fde-5ddf79953aeb 3
A critical evaluation of the analytical techniques in the photodegradation monitoring of edible oils, file ddc632d3-6226-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 3
Lipid lowering and antiglycaemic properties of Tacle® by in vitro and in vivo investigation, file ddc632d4-e7d7-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 3
Acute and synergistic toxicity of drugs in water by luminescent bacteria assay, file ddc632d5-732d-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 3
A study of pH-dependent photodegradation of amiloride by a multivariate curve resolution approach to combined kinetic and acid-base titration UV data, file ddc632d3-57b4-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Photostabilization studies of antihypertensive 1,4-dihydropyridines using polymeric containers, file ddc632d3-a523-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Effects of nonionic surfactants on water solubilization and photoprotection of new 1,4-dhydropyridine drugs., file ddc632d4-83f3-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Study of the Photodegradation Kinetics of Multicomponent Drug Formulations via MCR-ALS: The Case of the Amiloride-hydrochlorothiazide Mixture, file ddc632d4-e674-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Evaluation of human breastmilk adulteration by combining Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and partial least square modeling, file ddc632d4-ead3-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Reverse transcriptase inhibitors nanosystems designed for drug stability and controlled delivery, file ddc632d5-0235-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Photostability study of multicomponent drug formulations via MCR-ALS: The case of the hydrochlorothiazide-amiloride mixture, file ddc632d5-3ec1-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Gel formulation of nabumetone and a newly synthesized analog: Microemulsion as a photoprotective topical delivery system, file ddc632d5-6b72-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Essential Oils of Foeniculum vulgare subsp. piperitum and Their in Vitro Anti-Arthritic Potential, file ddc632d5-7738-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Chemometric analysis for discrimination of extra virgin olive oils from whole and stoned olive pastes, file ddc632d5-a4e8-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Anticancer Drugs: Recent Strategies to Improve Stability Profile, Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Properties, file 0467e362-a67e-47c3-8cb6-53066b020bad 1
Photostability and ex-vivo permeation studies on diclofenac in topical niosomal formulations, file 7925ea7e-9151-4dc2-8312-cfae577c4d64 1
Interaction of letrozole and its degradation products with aromatase: chemometric assessment of kinetics and structure-based binding validation, file dd4cf5a9-ffae-4f4d-8c15-458734e159cc 1
Determination of Milk Adulteration by Sucrose Using FT-MIR Spectroscopy and Chemometrics Methods, file ddc632d3-5aee-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Acute toxicity of antibiotics in surface waters by bioluminescence test, file ddc632d3-5b9f-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Optimization of wavelength range and data interval in chemometric analysis of complex pharmaceutical mixtures, file ddc632d3-5dbc-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Assessment of acute toxicity and synergic effect of drugs in water by bioluminescence test, file ddc632d3-67e5-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
A critical study on the application of the zero-crossing derivative spectrophotometry to the photodegradation monitoring of lacidipine, file ddc632d3-9c19-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Synthesis and photodegradation studies of analogues of muscle relaxant 1,4-dihydropyridine compounds, file ddc632d3-9c70-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Liposome matrices for drug stabilization, file ddc632d3-9ca1-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Photodegradation of 1, 4-dihydropyridine antihypertensive drugs: an updated review, file ddc632d3-f558-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
CCR5/CXCR4 dual antagonism for the improvement of HIV infection therapy, file ddc632d4-c77b-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
A new generation of dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers: Photostabilization of liquid formulations using nonionic surfactants, file ddc632d4-dfe3-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Multivariate curve resolution for the simultaneous kinetic analysis of multicomponent photolabile drug formulations, file ddc632d4-fed7-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Assessment of surface water quality using multivariate analysis: Case study of the crati River, Italy, file ddc632d5-6b0a-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Spectral Data Analysis for a Complex Drug Mixture Containing Altizide, Potassium Canrenoate, and Rescinnamine, file ddc632d5-7661-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Foeniculum vulgare Mill. essential oil and its main metabolites: benefits in arthritis management using in vitro models, file ddc632d5-773a-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
1,4-Dihydropyridine Antihypertensive Drugs: Recent Advances in Photostabilization Strategies, file ddc632d5-db5c-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Central retinal thickness fluctuations in patients treated with anti-VEGF for neovascular age related macular degeneration, file ddc632d6-01eb-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Photodegradation of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: Stability Tests and Lipid Nanocarriers for Their Photoprotection, file ddc632d6-0533-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Biogenic amines as quality marker in organic and fair-trade cocoa-based products, file ddc632d6-0a17-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Toward multitasking pharmacological COX-targeting agents: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory prodrugs with antiproliferative effects, file ddc632d6-0b1c-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
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