PICCI, Nevio
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Hemostatic gauze based on chitosan and hydroquinone: preparation, characterization and blood coagulation evaluation, file ddc632d3-bca9-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 5
Copper(II) Removal from Wastewaters by a New Synthesized Selective Extractant and SLM viability, file ddc632d3-4ef7-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 3
LC with Evaporative Light-Scattering Detection for Quantitative Analysis of Organic Acids in Juices, file ddc632d3-a0db-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 3
Novel carbon nanotube composites by grafting reaction with water-compatible redox initiator system, file ddc632d3-75e5-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Food Applications of Active and Intelligent Packaging: Legal Issues and Safety Concerns, file ddc632d3-8395-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
In vitro antifungal activity of olive (Olea europaea) leaf extracts loaded in chitosan nanoparticles, file ddc632d5-3bb3-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Photostability and ex-vivo permeation studies on diclofenac in topical niosomal formulations, file 7925ea7e-9151-4dc2-8312-cfae577c4d64 1
Starch-quercetin conjugate by radical grafting: synthesis and biological characterization, file ddc632d3-570f-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Determination of biogenic amine profiles in conventional and organic cocoa-based products, file ddc632d3-5a1e-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Preparation, Characterization and Efficacy Evaluation of Synthetic Biocompatible Polymers Linking Natural Antioxidants, file ddc632d3-5f25-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Novel microspheres based on triterpene saponins from the roots of Physospermum verticillatum (Waldst & Kit) (Apiaceae) for the improvement of gemcitabine release, file ddc632d3-63ec-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
null, file ddc632d3-6b32-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Drug release from alfa, beta-poly(N 2-hydroxyethyl)-dl -aspartamide-based microparticles, file ddc632d3-6c12-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
L-lysine pro-prodrug containing trans-ferulic acid for 5-amino salicylic acid colon delivery: Synthesis, characterization and in vitro antioxidant activity evaluation, file ddc632d3-73ba-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Industrial applications: regulatory issues and life cycle assessment of food packaging, file ddc632d3-8469-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Synthesis of antioxidant polymers by grafting of gallic acid and catechin on gelatin, file ddc632d3-8d89-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Further evolution of multifunctional niosomes based on pluronic surfactant: Dual active targeting and drug combination properties, file ddc632d3-9029-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Evaluation of fatty acids and biogenic amines profiles in mullet and tuna roe during six months of storage at 4 °C, file ddc632d3-921c-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Antioxidative effectiveness of environment friendly functional biopolymers for food applications, file ddc632d3-9a36-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Carbon nanotubes hybrid hydrogels for electrically tunable release of Curcumin, file ddc632d3-9a6d-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Preparation, characterization and in vitro activities evaluation of curcumin based microspheres for azathioprine oral delivery, file ddc632d3-9ad6-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
pH-sensitive hydrogels based on bovine serum albumin for oral drug delivery, file ddc632d3-a781-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Biogenic amines as quality marker in organic and fair-trade cocoa-based products, file ddc632d6-0a17-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
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