GRECO, Fabrizio
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Nome #
An improved fracture approach to investigate the degradation of vibration characteristics for reinforced concrete beams under progressive damage, file 29d9e539-7de9-4aee-abcd-5d653d8f368d 18
Structural integrity of tied arch bridges affected by instability phenomena, file ddc632d4-ff18-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 16
Crack growth propagation modeling based on moving mesh method and interaction integral approach, file ddc632d6-0001-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 8
An interelement fracture approach for the analysis of concrete cover separation failure in FRP reinforced RC beams, file ddc632d6-0370-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 6
Multiscale failure analysis of periodic masonry structures with traditional and fiber-reinforced mortar joints, file ddc632d5-a420-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 5
A novel procedure for damage evaluation of fillet-welded joints, file ddc632d5-4366-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 3
Failure analysis of ultra high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete structures enhanced with nanomaterials by using a diffuse cohesive interface approach, file ddc632d5-77e0-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 3
A multiscale model for the numerical simulation of the anchor bolt pull-out test in lightweight aggregate concrete., file ddc632d5-a6a2-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 3
Cracking behavior analysis of reinforced concrete structures by using a cohesive fracture model, file 36528eb7-c6b3-41e1-98e2-959e11ca0871 2
A Cohesive fracture approach for the nonlinear analysis of load-induced degradation of vibration characteristics in RC beams, file dc6ffd91-1f9d-40b3-8959-0dddadaf24fc 2
Dynamic impact analysis of long span cable-stayed bridges under moving loads, file ddc632d3-5c32-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Multi-layer modeling of edge debonding in strengthened beams using interface stresses and fracture energies, file ddc632d3-6ac0-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
A moving interface finite element formulation for layered structures, file ddc632d3-757e-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Crack propagation analysis in composite materials by using moving mesh and multiscale techniques, file ddc632d3-9157-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
An adaptive multiscale strategy for the damage analysis of masonry modeled as a composite material, file ddc632d3-ab4b-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
A novel approach based on ALE and Fracture Mechanics for multilayered composite beams, file ddc632d4-5e97-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Nonlinear compressive failure analysis of biaxially loaded fiber reinforced materials, file ddc632d5-a3b9-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
A refined diffuse cohesive approach for the failure analysis in quasibrittle materials—part II: Application to plain and reinforced concrete structures, file ddc632d5-ab1a-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
A detailed micro-model for brick masonry structures based on a diffuse cohesive-frictional interface fracture approach, file ddc632d6-2316-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 2
Microstructural design for elastic wave attenuation in 3D printed nacre-like bioinspired metamaterials lightened with hollow platelets, file 491bb731-3aee-41e1-90f2-3664dcc119d9 1
The Reinforcing Effect of Nano-Modified Epoxy Resin on the Failure Behavior of FRP-Plated RC Structures, file 7a4d12b8-44db-46cc-8e2d-e0c7945b6f6c 1
Structural and seismic vulnerability assessment of the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral in Catanzaro (Italy): classical and advanced approaches for the analysis of local and global failure mechanisms, file d8d8e207-6bb6-48a0-a224-1ee0fa0e304a 1
A coupled interface-multilayer approach for mixed mode delamination and contact analysis in laminated composites, file ddc632d3-4e1e-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
An analytical delamination model for laminated plates including bridging effects, file ddc632d3-5548-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
A two-scale failure analysis of composite materials in presence of fiber/matrix crack initiation and propagation, file ddc632d3-56b3-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Dynamic analysis of cable-stayed bridges affected by accidental failure mechanisms under moving loads, file ddc632d3-57fe-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Effects of microfracture and contact induced instabilities on the macroscopic response of finitely deformed elastic composites, file ddc632d3-668c-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Crack propagation analysis in composite materials by using moving mesh and multiscale techniques, file ddc632d3-6856-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Nonlinear Static Response of Self-anchored Cable Supported Bridges, file ddc632d3-92b9-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Multi-layer modeling of edge debonding in strengthened beams using interface stresses and fracture energies, file ddc632d3-96bb-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Prediction of microscopic interface crack onset in fiber-reinforced composites by using a multi-scale homogenization procedure, file ddc632d3-ab8b-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Mechanical behavior of bio-inspired nacre-like composites: A hybrid multiscale modeling approach, file ddc632d5-7f74-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Dynamic crack growth based on moving mesh method, file ddc632d5-a200-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Sandwich panels under interfacial debonding mechanisms, file ddc632d5-a26e-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Numerical formulation based on moving mesh method for vehicle–bridge interaction, file ddc632d5-a2d4-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
A moving mesh FE methodology for vehicle–bridge interaction modeling, file ddc632d5-a722-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Mixed-mode fracture in lightweight aggregate concrete by using a moving mesh approach within a multiscale framework, file ddc632d5-a792-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
A numerical model based on ALE formulation to predict crack propagation in sandwich structures, file ddc632d5-aad1-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
A study of concrete cover separation failure in FRP-plated RC beams via an inter-element fracture approach, file ddc632d5-ac01-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
A refined diffuse cohesive approach for the failure analysis in quasibrittle materials—part I: Theoretical formulation and numerical calibration, file ddc632d5-ac74-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
A mixed explicit-implicit time integration approach for nonlinear analysis of base-isolated structures, file ddc632d5-ad59-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
A multiscale analysis of instability-induced failure mechanisms in fiber-reinforced composite structures via alternative modeling approaches, file ddc632d5-ad63-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
A multiscale damage analysis of periodic composites using a couple-stress/Cauchy multidomain model: Application to masonry structures, file ddc632d5-ae78-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Numerical modeling based on moving mesh method to simulate fast crack propagation, file ddc632d5-aee9-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
An effective modeling approach based on the ALE and M-integral for simulating crack propagation under thermo-mechanical loadings, file ddc632d6-09fe-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
Investigation of mesh dependency issues in the simulation of crack propagation in quasi-brittle materials by using a diffuse interface modeling approach, file ddc632d6-2a78-321f-e053-1705fe0abc09 1
An interface-based detailed micro-model for the failure simulation of masonry structures, file fdced3bf-de8a-42f4-a8a2-468f4422f9ff 1
Totale 112
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