This paper presents a search for the t-channel exchange of an R-parity violating scalar top quark ((t) over tilde) in the e(+/-)mu(-/+) continuum using 2.1 fb(-1) of data collected by the ATLAS detector in root s = 7 TeV pp collisions at the Large Hadron Collider. Data are found to be consistent with the expectation from the Standard Model backgrounds. Limits on R-parity-violating couplings at 95 % C.L. are calculated as a function of the scalar top mass (m((t) over tilde)). The upper limits on the production cross section for pp -> e mu X, through the t-channel exchange of a scalar top quark, ranges from 170 fb for m((t) over tilde) = 95 GeV to 30 fb for m((t) over tilde) = 1000 GeV. RI Livan, Michele/D-7531-2012; Alexa, Calin/F-6345-2010; Takai, Helio/C-3301-2012; Doyle, Anthony/C-5889-2009; Petrucci, Fabrizio/G-8348-2012; Smirnov, Sergei/F-1014-2011; Wemans, Andre/A-6738-2012; Jones, Roger/H-5578-2011; Ferrando, James/A-9192-2012; Fazio, Salvatore /G-5156-2010; Fabbri, Laura/H-3442-2012; Kurashige, Hisaya/H-4916-2012; Villa, Mauro/C-9883-2009; Kuzhir, Polina/H-8653-2012; valente, paolo/A-6640-2010; Delmastro, Marco/I-5599-2012

Search for lepton flavour violation in the e mu continuum with the ATLAS detector in root s=7 TeV pp collisions at the LHC

CAPUA, Marcella;Crosetti G;Fazio S;LA ROTONDA, Laura;MASTROBERARDINO, Anna;Meoni E;