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NA - Nord America 2.582
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AS - Asia 308
AF - Africa 24
OC - Oceania 8
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 6
SA - Sud America 1
Totale 4.110
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 2.494
UA - Ucraina 577
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TR - Turchia 157
SE - Svezia 118
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CA - Canada 86
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IN - India 18
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EU - Europa 6
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BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 2
EE - Estonia 2
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IL - Israele 2
KR - Corea 2
NL - Olanda 2
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BY - Bielorussia 1
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JP - Giappone 1
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SA - Arabia Saudita 1
Totale 4.110
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Jacksonville 470
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Dearborn 238
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Ashburn 124
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Roxbury 103
Izmir 89
Ottawa 76
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Kocaeli 58
Shanghai 51
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Inglewood 42
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Dakar 22
Helsinki 22
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Seattle 15
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Pune 14
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Rende 12
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Toronto 9
Washington 7
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Milan 5
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Rome 5
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Norwalk 4
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Redwood City 3
Yerevan 3
Berlin 2
Cairo 2
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Falls Church 2
Frankfurt am Main 2
Guangzhou 2
Hyderabad 2
Krakow 2
Montefiascone 2
Reggio Calabria 2
Rosarno 2
Sarajevo 2
Seoul 2
Singapore 2
Sydney 2
Tallinn 2
Woodbridge 2
Zhengzhou 2
Amsterdam 1
Bremen 1
Canberra 1
Charlotte 1
Chicago 1
Colorno 1
Cornwall 1
Dhaka 1
Esslingen am Neckar 1
Fairfield 1
Haifa 1
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Islamabad 1
Jinan 1
Kilburn 1
Krasnoyarsk 1
Kunming 1
Lanzhou 1
London 1
Lutzingen 1
Maglie 1
Mannheim 1
Mascalucia 1
Mexico City 1
Minsk 1
Mountain View 1
Nagold 1
Nanchang 1
Napoli 1
Nijmegen 1
Paris 1
Totale 2.673
Nome #
Efficacy of pneumococcal vaccination in children younger than 24 months: a meta-analysis 70
Epidemiological study on the respiratory pathologies and pulmonary cancer in the Crotone city 68
Alcohol use in early adolescence: Findings from a survey among middle school students in Italy 67
Antibodies to the E2 protein of GB virus C/hepatitis G virus: prevalence and risk factors in different populations in Italy 64
Determinants of Erectile Dysfunction Risk in a Large Series of Italian Men Attending Andrology Clinics 61
AIDS e tossicodipendenti: primi risultati sulle attitudini, comportamenti e conoscenze in Calabria. 60
A survey of knowledge, attitude and behavior of Italian dentists toward immunization 60
Adherence to evidence-based recommendations for surgical site infection prevention: Results among Italian surgical ward nurses 59
Association between fruit and vegetable consumption and oral cancer: meta-analysis of observational studies 58
Cigarette smoking and alcohol behaviour among adolescents in Italy 58
Premature ejaculation: Prevalence and associated conditions in a sample of 12,558 men attending the andrology prevention week 2001 - A study of the Italian Society of Andrology (SIA) 58
Cigarette smoking: knowledge, attitudes and behaviour in an adult population in Italy 57
Cervical and breast cancer screening participation and utilisation of maternal health services: A cross-sectional study among immigrant women in Southern Italy 56
Fattori di rischio e principali microrganismi responsabili delle infezioni vaginali 55
Epidemiological study on the respiratory pathologies and pulmonary cancer in the Crotone City. South of Italy 55
Batteriemia da Pantoea spp. in una Unità Operativa di Oncologia Medica: descrizione di un focolaio epidemico. 53
Are primary care physicians prepared to assist patients for smoking cessation? Results of a national Italian cross-sectional web survey. 52
Assessing the effects of environmental exposures on human health: the role of meta-analysis of published studies. 51
Blood pressure and related cardiovascular disease risk factors in 6-18 year-old students in Italy 51
Air contamination in the sclerosing foam for the treatment of varicose veins. 51
Guidelines for venous thromboembolism and clinical practice in Italy: a nationwide survey 50
Parents seeking health-related information on the Internet: cross-sectional study. 50
Adolescents and sexually transmitted infections: knowledge and behavior in Italy 50
La contaminazione microbica dei molluschi eduli lamellibranchi in Calabria 49
Utilization of health care services among immigrants recruited through non-profit organizations in Southern Italy. 49
Healthcare personnel and hand decontamination in intensive care units: knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour in Italy. The Journal of Hospital Infection 2002;51:226-232. 49
Cigarette smoking behaviour among adolescents in Italy. 49
Consumption of energy drinks, alcohol, and alcohol-mixed energy drinks among Italian adolescents. 48
Appraising Hospital Performance by Using the JCHAO/CMS Quality Measures in Southern Italy 48
Vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus infection in male adolescents: knowledge, attitudes, and acceptability among parents in Italy. 48
Occupational injuries among minors in Italy: 1994-1998 47
Prevalence of dental caries in schoolchildren in Italy 47
Caries and fluorosis prevalence in communities with different concentrations of fluoride in the water 47
The reduction of risk in central line-associated bloodstream infections: knowledge, attitudes and evidence-based practices in healthcare workers 46
Oral health status of male prisoners in Italy 45
Gynecologists and human papillomavirus DNA testing: exploring knowledge, attitudes, and practice in Italy. 45
Prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) carriage and pattern of antibiotic resistance among sheep farmers from Southern Italy 45
Relationship between chronic short sleep duration and childhood body mass index: a school-based cross-sectional study. 43
La contaminazione microbiologica dell'aria e delle superfici in locali adibiti alla preparazione di alimenti 43
Vancomycin resistance and antibiotic susceptibility of enterococci in raw meat 43
Survey of reasons for extractions of permanent teeth in Italy 42
Determinants of patient and health system delay among Italian and foreign-born patients with pulmonary tuberculosis: A multicentre cross-sectional study 42
Pattern and severity of early childhood caries in Southern Italy: a preschool-based cross-sectional study. 41
Influence of maternal and social factors as predictors of low birth weight in Italy 41
Influenza vaccination coverage among medical residents: An Italian multicenter survey. 40
Prevalence and factors related to malocclusion and orthodontic treatment need in children and adolescents in Italy 40
Prevalence of staphylococcus aureus carriage and pattern of antibiotic resistance, including methicillin resistance, among contact sport athletes in Italy 40
Meta-analysis of local tetracycline in treating chronic periodontitis 39
Meta-analysis of local metronidazole use in the treatment of chronic adult periodontitis 39
Hospital readmission prevalence and analysis of those potentially avoidable in Southern Italy 39
Is HPV DNA testing specificity comparable to that of cytological testing in primary cervical cancer screening? Results of a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. 39
Chemical risk and safety awareness, perception, and practices among research laboratories workers in Italy 38
Oral health status and treatment needs in immigrants and refugees in Italy 37
La salute dentaria in immigrati extracomunitari in Calabria. 37
SySQ: A web-based system for survey and questionnaire management in medicine 37
Utilizzo della bioluminescenza nel settore alimentare e valutazione delle interferenze con le soluzioni sanificanti 37
Evaluation of the efficacy of glutaraldehyde and peroxygen for disinfection of dental instruments 37
Knowledge and perceptions of the health effects of environmental hazards in the general population in Italy 36
Quality of care in one Italian nursing home measured by ACOVE process indicators. 36
Female sex street workers and sexually transmitted infections: their knowledge and behaviour in Italy 36
Information about management of chronic drug therapies prescribed at hospital discharge: Does it affect patients' knowledge and self-confidence? 36
Intravenous drug users and AIDS: knowledge, attitudes, and behavior in Calabria (Italy) 36
Environmental history taking in clinical practice: knowledge, attitudes and practice of primary care physicians in Italy 35
Prevalence and determinants of oral impacts on daily performance: results from a survey among school children in Italy 35
Prevalence and pattern of antibiotic resistance of Campylobacter spp. in poultry meat in Southern Italy. 35
Immunogenicity and safety of intradermal influenza vaccine in the elderly: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. 34
The association between HMGA1 rs146052672 variant and type 2 diabetes: a transethnic meta-analysis. 34
Prevalenza di portatori ospedalieri e comunitari di enterococchi resistenti ai glicopeptidi 34
La sorveglianza delle infezioni correlate alle pratiche assistenziali (ICPA) in cardiochirurgia (CCH): risultati di due anni di attività. 34
Work-related injuries in young workers: an Italian multicentric epidemiological survey 34
Preventable pediatric hospitalizations and access to primary health care in Italy 33
Knowledge, attitude and practices of pediatricians regarding the prevention of oral diseases in Italy 32
Prevalenza di malocclusioni e necessità di trattamento nella popolazione adolescenziale in Calabria: primi risultati. 32
Risky behaviors among motorcycling adolescents in Italy 32
Dental health and treatment needs in institutionalized psychiatric patients in Italy 32
Descrizione di un focolaio epidemico da Burkholderia cepacia in pazienti cardiochirurgici. 31
Il ruolo della meta-analisi nella valutazione di efficacia e di efficienza degli interventi in odontoiatria. 31
Validity and reliability of a tool for determining appropriateness of days of stay: an observational study in the orthopedic intensive rehabilitation facilities in Italy 31
Le infezioni correlate all’assistenza sanitaria nei pazienti cardiochirurgici: risultati di uno studio di sorveglianza condotto presso il Policlinico Universitario di Catanzaro 30
Prevalence of hepatitis A antibodies in food handlers in Italy 30
The quality of preventive health care delivered to adults: results from a cross-sectional study in Southern Italy 30
Prevenzione delle polmoniti ventilatore-associate (VAP) in unità di terapia intensiva (UTI): primi risultati di una meta-analisi sull’efficacia della decontaminazione topica del cavo orale. 30
Satisfaction with care in outpatient clinics in Italy 30
Ventilator bundle and its effects on mortality among ICU patients: A meta-analysis 30
Evaluation of the effectiveness of a pre-brushing rinse in plaque removal: a meta-analysis. Journal of Clinical 29
The role of education in improving physicians' professional use of economic evaluations of health interventions: some evidence from a cross-sectional survey in Italy 29
Stato dell’arte sui vaccini anticarie. 29
Indicatori di qualità dell’assistenza ospedaliera: primi risultati. 29
La diffusione della carie precoce nella popolazione infantile in Calabria: primi risultati. 29
Physicians' knowledge, attitudes and professional use of RCTs and meta-analyses: a cross-sectional survey 29
The role and working conditions of Movement Science students employed in sport and recreational facilities: An Italian multicenter study. Work 2015;52:385–392 DOI:10.3233/WOR-152116 IOS Press 28
Prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia, mortality and all intensive care unit acquired infections by topically applied antimicrobial or antiseptic agents: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials in intensive care units 27
Healthcare workers and prevention of hepatitis C virus transmission: exploring knowledge, attitudes and evidence-based practices in hemodialysis units in Italy. 27
Immunogenicity and safety of intradermal influenza vaccine in immunocompromized patients: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials 27
Oral health status and the impact on oral health-related quality of life among the institutionalized elderly population: A cross-sectional study in an area of southern italy 27
Extended anticoagulation and mortality in venous thromboembolism. A meta-analysis of six randomized trials. 26
L’impatto della salute orale sulla qualità della vita negli adolescenti in Calabria. 26
Self-reported health status and access to health services in a sample of prisoners in Italy 25
Prevalence of livestock-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (LA-MRSA) among farm and slaughterhouse workers in Italy 24
Postdischarge surveillance following delivery: the incidence of infections and associated factors. 23
Totale 4.093
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