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Nome #
A particle segregation model for gas-fluidization of binary mixtures 72
Comparison of contact-force models for the simulation of collisions in DEM-based granular flow codes 62
Computational Study of Staged Membrane Reactor Configurations for Methane Steam Reforming: I. Optimization of Stage Lengths 59
Cellular automata simulation of coal combustion 59
DEM-CFD simulation of the dispersion of pharmaceutical agglomerates in DPI devices 59
Segregation direction reversal of gas-fluidized biomass/inert mixtures – Experiments based on Particle Segregation Model predictions 58
DEM simulation of the mixing equilibrium in fluidized beds of two solids differing in density 55
Bifurcation analysis of CSTR networks 55
Analytical solution for the problem of frictional-elastic collisions of spherical particles using the linear model 53
An improved drag force model for DEM-CFD simulations of fluid-particle systems 53
Comparison between a non-linear and linearized three-compartment model of a bioreactor for hepatocyte culturing 53
Coarse-grain dem modelling in fluidized bed simulation: A review 53
Verification of scaling criteria for bubbling fluidized beds by DEM-CFD simulation 52
Evaluation of coarse graining strategy and degree in DEM-CFD simulations of cyclone flow 52
Expansion properties of alginate beads as cell carrier in the fluidized bed bioartificial liver 51
Permeazione di idrogeno in membrane a base di palladio: effetto della composizione di retentato e della temperatura sugli stadi limitanti 50
Char particle combustion in the kinetic regime 50
Description of gas transport in perfluoropolymer/SAPO-34 mixed matrix membranes using four-resistance model 49
Computational Study of Staged Membrane Reactor Configurations for Methane Steam Reforming: II. Effect of Number of Stages and Catalyst Amount 48
Heats of formation of oxygen containing radicals from local spin density computations 48
Simulation of Large Particle Turbulent Fluidization in Riser Reactors By Coarse Grain DEM-CFD 48
Automation and control system for fluid dynamic stability in hollow-fiber membrane bioreactor for cell culture 48
Experimental observation of some effects of high temperature on fluidization behaviour of solids 48
Modelling process characteristics and performance of fixed and fluidized bed Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) 47
Oxygen transport in hollow fibre membrane bioreactors for hepatic 3D cell culture: A parametric study 46
Determination of the heat of formation of oxygen containing radicals using density functional theory 45
Modelling particle contacts in distinct element simulations - Linear and non-linear approach 45
A Computational Fluid Dynamics study on droplet formation mechanism from membrane pore 45
Simulation of the methane steam re-forming process in a catalytic Pd-membrane reactor 44
A semi-empirical model for the drag force and fluid–particle interaction in polydisperse suspensions 44
Advanced DEM-CFD modelling of gas fluidised beds: characteristics and applications 44
An improved integral non-linear model for the contact of particles in Distinct Element simulations 44
Characterization of fluid-particle interactions in poly-disperse systems 42
Some remarks on modeling CSTR combustion processes 42
JSFR combustion processes of n-heptane and isooctane 42
Structured Grid-Based Parallel Simulation of a Simple DEM Model on Heterogeneous Systems 42
Thermokinetic oscillations in acetaldehyde CSTR combustion 41
A new drag force model for detailed simulations of fluid-particle systems 41
Bifurcation maps of the reacting system CH4/O2/N2 in a CSTR 41
Comparison of heat transfer models in DEM-CFD simulations of fluidized beds with an immersed probe 40
Meccanica delle collisioni tra particelle in simulazioni di reattori a letto fluido con il metodo DEM-CFD 40
Full-scale DEM simulation of coupled fluid and dry-coated particle flow in swirl-based Dry Powder Inhalers 40
Methane steam reforming in a staged membrane reactor: Influence of the number of stages and amount of catalyst 40
Liquid bridge interaction in the funicular regime: toward detailed simulation of wet particle agglomerates 40
Modelling droplet formation in cross-flow membrane emulsification 39
Automatic modeling of methanol combustion processes 39
Experimental Verification of the Particle Segregation Model Predictions for Fluidized Biomass/Inert Mixtures 39
Feature of the potential energy surface for the CH3+O2 reaction channel 39
Simulation of the layer inversion phenomenon in binary liquid-fluidized beds by DEM-CFD with a drag law for polydisperse systems 38
Optimization of membrane area and catalyst distribution in a permeative-stage membrane reactor for methane steam reforming 38
Systematic Investigation of Segregated Layer Inversion in Liquid-Fluidized Binary Beds 38
Combustion processes in CSTR. The bifurcation analysis of the H2-O2 system 38
Effect of surface defects in Pd-based membranes on the performance of a membrane reactor 37
Simulazione della fluidodinamica multifase in reattori a letto fluido con il metodo DEM-CFD 37
Capillary Interaction in DEM Simulations of Wet Particulate Materials 37
Extension and validation of the Particle Segregation Model for bubbling gas-fluidized beds of binary mixtures 36
An improved model for the fluid–particle interaction in two-phase systems involving different solid species or polydisperse particles 36
Mixing equilibrium in two-density fluidized beds by DEM 36
Methane steam reforming analysis in a Palladium-based catalytic membrane reactor 36
DEM-CFD simulations of layer inversion in two-component liquid fluidized beds 35
Comparison of heat transfer approaches at the particle scale in fluidized beds 35
Systematic Experimental Investigation of Segregation Direction and Layer Inversion in Binary Liquid-Fluidized Bed 35
Influence of the Catalyst Axial Distribution in a Pd-based Membrane Reactor for Methane Steam Reforming 34
Droplet detachment in cross-flow membrane emulsification: Comparison among torque- and force-based models 34
Force on a large sphere immersed in an expanded water-fluidized bed over a wide range of voidage values 34
Methane combustion and heat transfer in a turbogas combustor using a net of ideal reactors 34
Homogeneous to bubbling regime transition in gas- and liquid-fluidized beds through DEM-CFD simulations 34
Segregating behavior of biomass/inert mixtures in bubbling fluidized bed 34
Methane Steam Reforming in a Staged Membrane Reactor: Influence of the Number of Stages and Amount of Catalyst 34
Modeling NOx formation in CH4 combustion 34
Computational analysis of triboelectrification due to aerodynamic powder dispersion 34
Methane steam reforming analysis in a Pd-based catalytic membrane reactor 33
KING, a KInetic Network Generator 33
Modelling of a Staged Membrane Reactor for Methane Steam Reforming: Improved Catalyst Distributions 32
From single particle drag force to segregation in fluidised beds 32
Ignition diagrams and bifurcation maps of reacting systems 32
Modeling methane cool flames and ignitions 32
Features of the potential energy surface for the CH3 + O2 reaction channels 32
CFD-DEM analysis of the two-phase flow and particle dispersion in carrier-based Dry Powder Inhalers 32
Coarse-grain DEM-CFD modelling of dense particle flow in gas-solid cyclone 32
Experimental and numerical analyses on surface-to-bed heat transfer in bubbling fluidised beds 31
Modelling particle collisions in DEM simulations with an improved integral non-linear model 31
DEM-CFD simulation of the gas fluidization of a mixture of two solids 31
Studio della dinamica di sistemi reagenti in CSTR con il codice AUTO 31
Ignition diagrams and bifurcation maps 31
Numerical simulation of the fluidization of a mixture of solids differing in density using the distinct element method (DEM) 31
DEM-CFD simulations of layer inversion in two-component liquid fluidized beds 31
Modelling of a staged membrane reactor for methane steam reforming: improved catalyst distribution 31
Theoretical investigation on the effect of superficial defects over the membrane surface of Pd-based membrane reactors for methane steam reforming 31
Coarse grain DEM two-phase modelling of riser flow hydrodynamics in gas-solid polymerization reactor 31
Mappe biforcazionali del sistema reattivo CH4/O2/N2 in un reattore CSTR 30
Un nuovo modello delle interazioni fluido-particella in sistemi densi mono- e poli-dispersi 30
Developments in modelling droplet formation during cross flow membrane emulsification 30
Preliminary results of detailed kinetics embedding in a CFD code: the case of supersonic hydrogen combustion 30
Homogeneous and bubbling fluidization regimes in DEM-CFD simulations: Hydrodynamic stability of gas and liquid fluidized beds 30
Direct modeling of voidage at layer inversion in binary liquid-fluidized bed 30
Microscopic modelling of capillary liquid bridge force and volume repartition for DEM simulation of polydisperse systems 30
Competing non ideal behaviour of SAPO-34 and Poly(hexafluoropropylene) in mixed matrix membranes 30
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