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Nome #
Support Tool for Anchoring System Optimization of Titanium Craniofacial Prostheses 79
Heuristic techniques to optimize neural network architecture in manufacturing applications 77
Temperature prediction in high speed incremental forming process by data mining techniques 72
A Stochastic Maximal Covering Formulation for a Bike Sharing System 68
Optimization of porthole die extrusion by Grey-Taguchi relational analysis 67
Analysis of extruded pins manufactured by friction stir forming for multi-material joining purposes 66
Theoretical model for temperature prediction in Incremental Sheet Forming – Experimental validation 65
A sustainability point of view on sheet metal forming operations: material wasting and energy consumption in incremental forming and stamping processes 64
An analytical model for improving precision in Single Point Incremental Forming 62
An ANN approach for prediction surface residual stresses and desired cutting conditions during hard turning 61
Additive-incremental forming hybrid manufacturing technique to improve customised part performance 61
Experimental evidences concerning geometrical accuracy after unclamping and trimming incrementally formed components 60
A new approach for forming polymeric composite structures 60
Feasibility analysis of hot incremental sheet forming process on thermoplastics 59
Experimental investigation of the mechanical performances of titanium cranial prostheses manufactured by super plastic forming and single-point incremental forming 58
Prediction of formability extension in deep drawing when superimposing a thermal gradient 57
Considerations on process performance in incremental forming by inducing high frequency vibration 57
Performances Analysis of Titanium Prostheses Manufactured by Superplastic Forming and Incremental Forming 57
A clustering approach for determining the optimal process parameters in cutting 57
Analisi numerico sperimentale del processo di piegatura di Tubi 56
Analysis of the influence of some process parameters on the dimensional accuracy in incremental forming by using reverse engineering techniques 55
A multi-objective optimization of a porthole die extrusion for quality and sustainability issues 55
Enhancing LDR in deep drawing by superimposing thermal gradients 55
Design of an Optimized Procedure to Predict Opposite Performances in Porthole Die Extrusion 54
Incremental Forming of Multislope Shaped Components 54
Analysis of energy efficiency of different setups able to perform single point incremental forming (SPIF) processes 53
Analisi di giunti incollati Al/Mg a singola sovrapposizione 53
Design of a high performance predictive tool for forging operation 53
Metal Forming 2014 53
Temperature variation during high speed incremental forming on different lightweight alloys 52
Topology optimization and analysis of static transmission error in lightweight gears 52
On the Performance of Welded, Riveted and Adhesive Bonded Al/Mg Sheet Metal Joints 52
On the high-speed Single Point Incremental Forming of titanium alloys 51
A simple approach for reducing profile diverting in a single point incremental forming process 51
Forming approaches comparison for high customised skull manufacturing 51
A Neural Network approach to predict the maximum thinning in SPIF of different material 49
Titanium craniofacial prostheses: A design procedure for identifying the optimal fixation system and its application to a case study 49
A hybrid finite element method-artificial neural network approach for predicting residual stresses and the optimal cutting conditions during hard turning of AISI 52100 bearing steel 49
Analysis of the thickness distribution varying tool trajectory in single-point incremental forming 48
A multi-objective approach for wire-drawing process 48
Sheet thinning prediction in Single Point Incremental Forming 48
Application of Incremental Forming process for high customised medical product manufacturing 48
3D numerical analyses of SPIF performed on tailored sheets to control their thinning 48
Assessment of the mechanical performance of titanium cranial prostheses manufactured by super plastic forming and single point incremental forming 48
Metamodeling technique for designing reengineered processes by historical data 47
Joining of thermoplastic structures by Friction Riveting: A mechanical and a microstructural investigation on pure and glass reinforced polyamide sheets 47
Design of a high performance predictive tool for forging operations 46
Acquisizione 3D in luce strutturata per il controllo dell’accuratezza dimensionale nei processi di incremetal forming 46
Rapid prototyping of a steering wheel by using backdrawing incremental forming technique 46
Performance analysis of the incremental sheet forming on PMMA using a combined chemical and mechanical approach 46
On-Line Control of Single Point Incremental Forming Operations through Punch Force Monitoring 45
A Hybrid FEM-ANN Approach for Predicting Residual Stresses and the Optimal Cutting Conditions during Hard Turning of AISI 52100 Bearing Steel 45
The application of a damage model based on the absorbed plastic energy for sheet-breaking prediction in Incremental Forming 45
Friction riveting as an alternative mechanical fastening to join engineering plastics 45
Incremental Sheet Forming of a Composite Made of Thermoplastic Matrix and Glass-Fiber Reinforcement 45
Innovative metamodelling-based process design for manufacturing: an application to Incremental Sheet Forming 45
Dynamic DOE for porthole die extrusion optimisation 44
Three-dimensional FE simulation of single point incremental forming: Experimental evidences and process design improving 44
Application of NN technique for predicting the in-depth residual stresses during hard machining of AISI 52100 steel 43
A multi-objective optimization of a porthole die extrusion for quality and sustainability issues 43
Improvement Geometrical Precision in Sheet Incremental Forming Processes 43
Design of custom cranial prostheses combining manufacturing and drop test finite element simulations 43
On the formability of magnesium Alloy sheets in warm conditions 42
Enhancing Incremental Sheet Forming Performance Using High Speed 42
Prediction of incremental sheet forming process performance by using a neural network approach 42
Biomedical Titanium alloy prostheses manufacturing by means of Superplastic and Incremental Forming processes 42
Relationship between process conditions and seam weld width in extruded shapes through a porthole die with customized geometry 41
Influence of some relevant process parameters on the dimensional accuracy in incremental forming: a numerical and experimetnal investigation 40
Some considerations on the precision of incrementally formed double-curvature sheet components 40
Influence of Mechanical Properties of the Sheet Material on Formability in Single Point Incremental Forming 40
Incremental forming of multislope shaped components 39
Numerical analysis of tailored sheets to improve the quality of components made by SPIF 39
La formatura incrementale: stato dell’arte e nuove sfide 38
Formability of Lightweight Alloys by Hot Incremental Sheet Forming 38
Sheet Incremental Forming: a new process configuration allowing controlled flow of the sheet material under the blank-holder 38
SPIF of tailored sheets to optimize thickness distribution along the shaped wall 38
A hybrid FEM-ANN appraoch for predicting residual stresses and the optimal cutting conditions during hard turning of AISI 52100 bearing steel 37
Influence of laser surface modification on bonding strength of Al/Mg adhesive joint 37
Improving industrial suitability of Incremental Sheet Forming process 37
Job shop scheduling model for a sustainable manufacturing 37
Basic Investigations into wrinkling limits for incremental sheet forming 36
On the Influence of Some Relevant Process Parameters on the Dimensional Accuracy in Incremental Forming: a Numerical and Experimental Investigation 36
Shape and dimensional accuracy in Single Point Incremental Forming: state of the art and future trends 35
NEM-FEM comparison on porthole die extrusion of AA-6082 35
Optimised tool-path design to reduce thinning in incremental sheet forming process 35
On the die design in AA6082 porthole extrusion 35
null 35
Influence of the Process Setup on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Evolution in Porthole Die Extrusion 34
Impact of high speed incremental forming on material properties of AA6082 sheets 34
Formability of Titanium Alloys in Incremental Sheet Forming Process with Local Material Heating 34
Some considerations on incremental forming of aluminum foam sandwiches 34
Sheet thinning prediction in Single Point Incremental Forming 34
Optimization of aluminum extrusion by porthole die using a down scaled equipment 34
Characterisation of AZ31B magnesium alloy formability in warm forming conditions 34
Optimization of aluminium extrusion by porthole die using a down scaled equipment 33
Three-dimensional FE simulation of single point incremental forming: experimental evidences and process design improvements 33
Totale 4726
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