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Nome #
Transmission Error and strain analysis of lightweight gears by using a hybrid FE-analytical gear contact model 66
The measurement of Gear Transmission Error as an NVH indicator: Theoretical discussion and industrial application via low-cost digital encoders to an all-electric vehicle gearbox 63
A comparison and experimental validation of gear contact models for spur and helical gears 61
Nuova strumentazione per utilizzare il Navi-Robot per il controllo e la movimentazione micrometrica di strumentazione laparoscopica e per la guida alle biopsie sia eco-guidate che sotto fluoroscopia - Domanda di Brevetto 61
Multi-scale modeling of triaxial braided composites for FE-based modal analysis of hybrid metal-composite gears 61
Design and prototyping of miniaturized straight bevel gears for biomedical applications 59
Kinematic optimization of ball-screw transmission mechanisms 57
Active Suspension LQ Control for Improving Riding Comfort 57
A novel gear test rig with adjustable shaft compliance and misalignments. Part II: Instrumentation 55
Investigation of mesh phasing in a planetary gear train using a coupled FEM - Multibody simulation 55
Preliminary design of a knee external fixator based on planar geometric synthesis 54
Considerations on process performance in incremental forming by inducing high frequency vibration 53
A database framework for industrial vehicle body concept modeling 53
On the determination of fully conjugate hypoid tooth flanks 53
Dynamic FE-based method for concept modelling of vehicle beam-like structures 52
Determination of the optimal position of an external fixator to guide knee motion 51
6 DOF Bridge deck supporting/repositioning device able to transmit tangential forces to the piles - Domanda di Brevetto 51
Topology optimization and analysis of static transmission error in lightweight gears 51
Robotic Control of the traditional endoscopic instrumentation motion 50
Goniometro autobilanciante a sei o a dodici gradi di libertà - Domanda di Brevetto 50
Kinematic optimization of mechanical presses by optimal synthesis of cam-integrated linkages 49
Evaluation of Vehicle Lateral Dynamic Behaviour According to ISO-4138 Tests by Implementing a 15-DOF Vehicle Model and an Autonomous Virtual Driver 49
Loaded tooth contact analysis of spiral bevel gears with kinematically correct motion transmission 49
Navigator – Robot for Surgical Procedures - Domanda di Brevetto 48
Combined synthesis of five-bar linkages and non-circular gears for precise path generation 47
An optimized identification method for modular models of rubber bushings 47
Damping in composite materials: Properties and models 47
Kinematic analysis of an adjustable slider-crank mechanism 47
A novel gear test rig with adjustable shaft compliance and misalignments. Part II: Instrumentation. 46
Development, validation and rt performance assessment of a platform for driver-in-the-loop simulation of vehicle dynamics 46
Use of Non-Circular Gears in Pressing Machine Driving Systems 45
On the impact of transmission error on the dynamic behavior of geared-linkages 45
Dynamic response of laminated structures using a Refined Zigzag Theory shell element 44
A combined feedforward and feedback control strategy to improve the dynamic performance of cam-follower systems 44
A parametric model order reduction technique for poroelastic finite element models 44
A wave-based substructuring approach for concept modeling of vehicle joints 44
Optimized five-bar linkages with non-circular gears for exact path generation 44
Experimental characterization of the torsional damping in CFRP disks by impact hammer modal testing 44
Optimal synthesis of cam-linkage mechanisms for precise path generation 43
Concept Modelling of Vehicle Joints and Beam-Like Structures through Dynamic FE-Based Methods 43
System-level multi-body simulations of a wind turbine gearbox 43
An experimental comparative study on non circular gears and cam transmisions for a blood pumping system 43
On the benefits of using object-oriented programming for the objective evaluation of vehicle dynamic performance in concurrent simulations 43
A co-simulation approach for crash analysis 42
Optimal synthesis of six-bar cammed-linkages for exact rigid-body guidance 42
Analysis of Non-Circular Gears and Cam-Follower Systems as Function Generators 42
GPU accelerated initialization of local maximum-entropy meshfree methods for vibrational and acoustic problems 42
Experimental assessment of stiffness and energy dissipation properties of disk-shaped polymer-based composite specimens by in-plane torsion testing 42
Multi-Objective Optimization of a Vehicle Body by Combining Gradient-based Methods and Vehicle Concept Modelling 41
A novel gear test rig with adjustable shaft compliance and misalignments part I: Design 41
A library for conceptual design of vehicle body crashworthiness using equivalent mechanisms 41
Advanced Vehicle Body Concept Modeling Approach Using Reduced Models of Beams and Joints 41
Use of Burmester’s circular theory in the determination of the optimal four-bar link reproducing actual tibia-femur relative motion 41
A population-based meta-heuristic approach for robust micro-geometry optimization of tooth profile in spur gears considering manufacturing uncertainties 41
Design and testing of a laser system developed for two-dimensional displacement detection 40
A C-0-continuous RZT beam element for the damped response of laminated structures 40
A First Experimental Comparison between Non-Circular Gears Characterized by Teeth Designed According to Different Meshing Laws 40
Ruote dentate non convenzionali 40
An analytical model for accurate and numerically efficient tooth contact analysis under load, applied to face-milled spiral bevel gears 40
Multibody element for spur and helical gear meshing based on detailed three-dimensional contact calculations 39
A vehicle body concept modeling approach using reduced models of beams, joints and panels 39
Generation of variable radius elliptical helical gears and experimental results 39
Structural Compliance Effects on the Accuracy and Safety of a R-CUBE Haptic Device 39
Deproximating Tredgold's Approximation 38
Concept modelling of vehicle joints and beam-like structures through dynamic FE-based methods 38
A novel gear test rig with adjustable shaft compliance and misalignments. Part I: Design. 38
Multi-objective micro-geometry optimization of gear tooth supported by response surface methodology 38
Innovative concept modelling of sandwich beam-like structures 38
Supporto-riposizionatore per impalcati di ponte a sei gradi di libertà , in grado di trasmettere le sollecitazioni tangenziali- Domanda di Brevetto 37
On the direct control of follower vibrations in cam-follower mechanisms 36
A Study on the Dynamic Behaviour of Lightweight Gears 36
Design of Understeer Characteristics Through Torque Vectoring on a Lumped-Parameter Full Vehicle Model 36
Simplified modelling of joints and beam-like structures for BIW optimization in a concept phase of the vehicle design process 35
On the vibration control of cam -follower mechanisms directly acting on the follower 35
Progress in variable radius gearing industrial application potential 35
Progettazione concettuale di telai automobilistici 35
Sistema innovativo di trasmissione del moto in un veicolo a pedali, capace di ridurre le fluttuazioni di coppia caratteristiche di una tipica pedalata amatoriale o professionistica grazie all’impiego di ruote dentate non circolari - Domanda di Brevetto 35
NVH assessment of polymer-based composite structures 34
Gear noise evaluation through multibody TE-based simulations 34
Static mesh stiffness decomposition in hybrid metal-composite spur gears 34
A comparative analysis of adhesive bonding and interference fitting as joining technologies for hybrid metal-composite gear manufacturing 34
Identification and assessment of a simplified model for vehicle ride simulation 33
Mechanism Able to Reproduce the Volumetric Behaviour of a Human Ventricle in Physiological Conditions 33
Development of a parametric model order reduction method for laminated composite structures 33
Study on the use of a non-circular gear train for the generation of Figure-8 patterns 32
Measuring knee Flextion-Extention in healthy patients 32
Proposta di un sistema di misura continua degli spostamenti e di riallineamento periodico degli impalcati di un ponte in zona di frana, atto a permettere una quasi continua percorribilità del viadotto stesso 32
Combining Finite Element analysis and analytical modelling for efficient simulations of non-linear gear dynamics 32
Progettazione e validazione di meccanismi di trasmissione conteneti ruote dentate elicoidali a raggio variabile 32
Sensitivity study on the equivalent mechanism model for conceptual design of vehicle body crashworthiness 32
Geometric Synthesis of a Four-Bar-Linkage for Knee External Fixation 31
A parametric model order reduction approach for beam-based structures 31
CAE-based assessment of manufacturing process impact on NVH performance of composite structures 31
Effects of center distance and microgeometry on the dynamic behaviour of a spur gear pair 31
On the Design and Simulation of Hybrid Metal-Composite Gears 31
In-Process Chatter Detection Using Signal Analysis in Frequency and Time-Frequency Domain 30
Determination of the optimal four-bar link reproducing individual knee motion using Burmester’s circular theory 30
Totale 4273
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