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Nome #
Opportunistic mobile social networks: From mobility and Facebook friendships to structural analysis of user social behavior 3796
A Biobjective Optimization Model for Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 75
2D Movement Direction-Based Reservation Scheme for WLAN Clusters with Passive Advanced Reservations 69
A New Call Admission Control Algorithm for IEEE 802.16 Distributed Mesh Networks 67
A Performance Comparison between ROC-RSSI and Trilateration Localization Techniques for WPAN Sensor Networks in a Real Outdoor testbed 65
A Novel Proposal of TCP Protocol based on Bandwidth Estimation over Satellite Networks 63
A Digital Communication Analysis of Gene Expression of Proteins in Biological Systems: A Layered Network Model View 62
A new application for analyzing driving behaviour and environment characterization in transportation 62
A New Threshold-Based Predictive Reservation Scheme 61
A 2D movement direction-based reservation scheme for WLAN clusters with passive advanced reservations 61
A New Distributed Application and Network Layer Protocol for VoIP in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 58
A Bandwidth Management Scheme based on Time Multiplexing for Wireless Networks with Predictive Services 55
Prediction and QoS Enhancement in New Generation Cellular Networks with Mobile Hosts: A Survey on Different Protocols and Conventional/Unconventional Approaches 54
A Multiobjective Aprroach for Energy Consumption and Link Stability Issues in Ad Hoc Networks 54
A Energy Evaluations of E-TDMA vs IEEE 802.11 in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 53
A Modified Location-Aided Routing Protocol for the Reduction of Control Overhead in Ad-hoc Wireless Networks 53
A New Bandwidth Statistical Multiplexing scheme for 2D WLAN Environment with Passive Reservations 52
A Multiobjective Approach for Energy Consumption and Link Stability Issues in Ad Hoc Networks 51
Overview on VoIP: Subjective and Objective Measurement Methods 50
An Efficient Rate Adaptation Scheme in Wireless Mobile Networks 50
Average Degradation Degree Fair Adaptation Algorithm in Wireless Network with Mobile Hosts 50
GCAD: A Novel Call Admission Control Algorithm in IEEE 802.16 based Wireless Mesh Networks 49
Comparison of bio-inspired algorithms applied to the coordination of mobile robots considering the energy consumption 49
COVID-19 in Italy: current state, impact and ICT-based solutions 48
A new application for enhancing VANET services in emergency situations using the WAVE/802.11p standard 48
A new 2D Direction-Based Predictive Reservation Scheme for WLAN Environment with Passive Advanced Reservations 48
A Correction for Ad hoc On Demand Multipath Distance Vector Routing protocol (AOMDV) 48
A Novel PER Degradation Model for VANETs 47
A 2D Cell Stay Time and Movement Direction-Based Reservation Scheme for WLAN Clusters with Active and Passive Advanced Reservations 47
Controlled Load Traffic Management through bandwidth smoothing factor 46
A Predictive Cross-layered Interference Management in a Multi-channel MAC with Reactive Routing in VANET 46
Safety Enhancement and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) reduction in VANETs 46
Software Defined Radio based Multi-Mode Satellite Terminal over DVB-RCS Platform 46
Receiver driven Adaptive Selection of HAP-Satellite Segment 46
Current issues and future trends: DVB-RCS satellite systems 45
An On Demand Interference Aware Routing Protocol for VANETS 45
A New FANET Simulator for Managing Drone Networks and Providing Dynamic Connectivity 45
A Scalable Approach for QoS Management in Next Generation Multimedia GEO-Satellite Networks 45
A new channel assignment scheme for interference-aware routing in vehicular networks 44
An integrated Satellite-HAP-Terrestrial system architecture: resources allocation and traffic management issues 44
Degradation degree based fair rate adaptation algorithm for wireless networks with mobile nodes 44
A multipath fading channel model for underwater shallow acoustic communications 44
Pattern Prediction and Passive Bandwidth Management for Hand-Over Optimization in QoS Cellular Networks with Vehicular Mobility 43
Energy-aware dynamic Internet of Things security system based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Message Queue Telemetry Transport protocol for mitigating Replay attacks 43
Introduction of Node Promiscuity Listen Mode and Optimisations in LAR Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 43
Geo-LANMAR: A Scalable Routing Protocol for ad hoc networks with group motion 42
QoS Multicast over Hybrid HAP-Satellite Networks 42
Vehicular networks and road safety: An application for emergency/danger situations management using the WAVE/802.11p standard 41
A Novel MF-TDMA/SCPC Switching Algorithm for DVB-RCS/RCS2 Return Link in Railway Scenario 41
On packet marking and Markov modeling for IP Traceback: A deep probabilistic and stochastic analysis 41
A distance vector routing protocol for VANET environment with Dynamic Frequency assignment 41
Routing Algorithm based on Swarm Intelligence over a Hap Constellation 40
Interference-aware Ad-hoc on demand distance vector (IA-AODV) protocol 40
Spatial correlation-based low energy aware clustering (LEACH) in a wireless sensor networks 39
Cell Stay Time Analysis under Random Way Point Mobility Model in WLAN 39
Exploiting online and offline activity-based metrics for opportunistic forwarding 39
Avoiding Denial of Service Attack in the Authentication Phase of WPA and IEEE 802.11i protocols over Wireless Networks 38
Two-level Trajectory-based Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks in Freeway and Manhattan Environments 38
On-demand Multipath Distance Vector Routing protocol over E-TDMA MAC in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 38
Call Admission Control with Statistical Multiplexing for Aggregate MPEG Traffic in a DVB-RCS Satellite Network 38
DS-SS UWB Wireless Personal Area Network: BER and PER Evaluation under a MMSE Receiver 38
QoS Core Based Tree Multicast Routing based on Genetic Algorithm in a Hybrid HAP-Satellite Architecture 37
Markovian Approach to Model Underwater Acoustic Channel: Techniques Comparison 37
Scalable and ligthway bio-inspired coordination protocol for FANET in precision agriculture applications 37
Social and dynamic graph-based scalable routing protocol in a DTN network 37
A Comprehensive Review of Channel Modeling for Land Mobile Satellite Communications 36
Multi-step Resizing of the Request Zone in Ad Hoc Networks 36
QoS-CROMA: An On-demand Time-Slotted MAC Protocol with QoS support for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 36
Performance Evaluation of AODV protocol over E-TDMA MAC protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 36
Multi-step Increase of the Forwarding Zone for LAR protocol in Ad Hoc Networks 36
A scalable routing scheme with group motion support in large and dense wireless ad hoc networks 36
Link-stability and Energy aware Routing Protocol in Distributed Wireless Networks 35
Ad Hoc on Demand Multipath Distance Vector Routing (AOMDV) over a Distributed TDMA MAC Protocol for Qos Support in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Integration Issues and Performance Evaluation 35
Geo-LANMAR routing: Asymptotic analysis of a scalable routing scheme with group motion support 35
A New Distributed Predictive Congestion aware Re-routing Algorithm for CO2 Emissions Reduction 35
Predictive Aggregate Resource Reservation in an Integrated Scalable Terrestrial-Geostazionary Satellite Network 34
A bicriteria network flow problem to minimize energy consumption and maximize link stability in ad hoc networks 34
Utility-based Adaptivity and Partial Resource Reservation in Wireless/Mobile Multimedia Networks 34
A bicriteria network flow problem to minimize energy consumption and maximize link stability in ad networks 34
Aggregated Resource Reservation Protocol in Integrated Scalable-Terrestrial and Int-Serv Satellite Network 34
GS Burst Loss Percentage Analysis over an IntServ Satellite System with a Mixed GS-CLS Traffic 34
Efficient Neighbor Discovery in RFID Based Devices Over Resource-Constrained DTN Networks 34
Opportunistic interference cancellation evaluation in cognitive radios under power control strategies 34
Geo-LANMAR Routing Protocol: Asymptotiv Analysis in Large and Dense Ad Hoc Networks 34
Managing emergency situations in VANET through heterogeneous technologies cooperation 34
Data disseminations in vehicular environments 34
GeO-LANMAR: A Scalable Routing Protocol for very Large, Dense Ad Hoc Networks with Group Motion 33
Controlled Load Services Management based on Smoothing Factor and Request Timeout on Satellite Systems 33
Road safety alerting system with radar and GPS cooperation in a VANET environment 33
Controlled Load Services in IP QoS Geostazionary Satellite Networks 33
Forwarding Zone Adaptation through Direction Info of Mobile Nodes on Ad Hoc Networks 33
Guaranteed Services in Integrated Terrestrial-Broadband Satellite Networks 33
Scalable QoS Management in Next Generation GEO-Satellite Networks 33
The Important Role of Gateway in a Hybrid HAP/DVB-RCS Satellite Platform 32
DS-SS UWB wireless personal area network: BER and PER evaluation under an MMSE receiver 32
An energy-efficient architecture for internet of things systems 32
PER Analysis and Performance Evaluation of DS-SS UWB Networks 32
Novel activity-based metrics for efficient forwarding over online and detected social networks 32
Cross-Layer End-to-End QoS Architecture: The Milestone of WiMAX 31
QoS Multicast Routing Protocol for Broadband hierarchal network 31
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