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Nome #
A xenograft model highlights the dichotomic effects induced by adiponectin on cyclin D1 in human breast cancer cells accordingly to ERα expression 113
A xenograft model highlights the dichotomic effects induced by adiponectin on cyclin D1 in human breast cancer cells accordingly to ERα expression. 106
Estrogenic GPER signaling regulates mir144 expression in cancer cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) 96
Androgen receptor activation inhibits the genomic effect of estradiol in MCF7 cells, a molecular basis of its antiproliferatie action 95
A connection between the tumor suppressors phosphatase and tensin homolog on chromosome 10 (PTEN) and Progesterone receptor B unveils a new signaling in breast cancer cells. I.F. 5.071. 95
Uncoupling effects of estrogen receptor α on LKB1/AMPK interaction upon adiponectin exposure in breast cancer 95
Activated FXR Inhibits Leptin Signaling and Counteracts Tumor-promoting Activities of Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts in Breast Malignancy 94
Bergapten affects cell survival and induces apoptosis in human breast cancer cells. 93
Bergapten antagonizes cell survival and induces p53 gene promoter together with p38 MAPK activation in breast cancer cells 92
AR and CgA in situ detection as prognostic clinical markers in prostate adenocarcinoma 90
Effects of Adiponectin on Cyclin D1 Expression in Breast Cancer Cells are Dependent on ER. 2nd Joint Meeting of Pathology and Laboratory Diagnostics, 2014 September 17-20, Palermo, Italy. Am J Pathol ,184(Suppl):S34 Abstract MTP1, 2014. Oral communication 89
Different molecular signaling sustaining adiponectin action in breast cancer 88
Cachrys libanotis L. Extracts: Photocytotoxic Effects on UVA-Irradiated Human Melanoma Cells 87
Activated pathway through which rosiglitazone and 9-cis-retinoic acid, when combined at low doses, induce apoptosis in human breast cancer cells. 87
Bergapten induces ER depletion in breast cancer cells through SMAD4-mediated ubiquitination 87
Bergapten drives autophagy through the up-regulation of PTEN expression in breast cancer cells. 85
A novel functional interplay between Progesterone Receptor-B and PTEN, via AKT, modulates autophagy in breast cancer cells 85
Leptin induces, via ERK1/ERK2 signal, functional activation of estrogen receptor alpha in MCF-7 cells 82
miR-338-3p Is Regulated by Estrogens through GPER in Breast Cancer Cells and Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) 81
Progesterone Receptor B signaling Reduces Breast Cancer Cell Aggressiveness: Role of Cyclin-D1/Cdk4 Mediating Paxillin Phosphorylation 81
A time course study on the "in vitro" effect of T3 and Testosterone on androgen and estrogen receptors in peripuberal rat Sertoli cells. 80
(2011). Estrogen Receptor beta produces cell death in TCAM2 human seminoma cell line binding through Sp1 on the phosphatase and tensin homologue deleted from chromosome 10 (PTEN) promoter gene. March 17, 2011 25:lb17. ASIP Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology 2011 April 9-13, 2011 - Washington DC – USA, IF:5.043. 80
Bergapten induces metabolic reprogramming in breast cancer cells. 78
Effects of Adiponectin on Cyclin D1 Expression in Breast Cancer Cells are Dependent on ERα 78
A new role of leptin as amplifier of estrogen signaling in breast cancer. 77
A Clinical, Pathological And Molecular Study Of A Frontotemporal Dementia Sporadic Case 76
Bergapten inducing proteasome-dependent degradation of estrogen receptor alpha may overcome breast cancer tamoxifen-resistance 76
Estrogen receptor-α drives adiponectin effects on cyclin D1 expression in breast cancer cells 76
Effect of oestradiol and insulin on proliferative pattern and on oestrogen and progesterone receptor contents in MCF-7 cells 75
Androgen receptor activation inhibits the genomic effect of estradiol in MCF-7 cells. A molecular basis of its antiproliferative action 74
Evidence that low doses of taxol enhance the functional transactivatory properties of p53 on p21 waf promoter in MCF-7 breast cancer cells 74
Androgen metabolism and estrogen receptor content in peripuberal Sertoli cells in hypothyroid rats 73
Cateslytin abrogates lipopolysaccharide-induced cardiomyocyte injury by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress through toll like receptor 4 interaction 73
Crosstalk between adiponectin and IGF-IR in breast cancer 72
A cross-talk between the androgen receptor and the epidermal growth factor receptor leads to p38MAPK-dependent activation of mTOR and cyclinD1 expression in prostate and lung cancer cells 72
Evidences that leptin upregulates E-cadherin expression in breast cancer and promotes tumor cell growth and progression 71
. (1986). Effects of the elapsing of time after castration on circulating androgen plasma levels in adult male rats. 70
Androgen receptor downregulates estrogen receptor signal in MCF-7 breast cancer cells 70
Valproic acid addresses neuroendocrine differentiation of LNCaP cells and maintains cell survival 70
Recombinant Arabidopsis HSP70 sustains cell survival and metastatic potential of breast cancer cells. 69
Assessment of photo-induced cytotoxic activity of cachrys sicula and cachrys libanotis enriched-coumarin extracts against human melanoma cells 69
Progesterone, 17-OH-progesterone, androstenedione and testosterone plasma levels in spermatic venous blood of normal men and varicocele patients 68
Effetti del TGF-β e del Bergaptene in line cellular di tumore mammario umano ERα(+) ed ERα(-) 67
Estrogen receptor beta binds Sp1 and recruits a corepressor complex to the estrogen receptor alpha gene promoter 66
Evidences that Estrogen Receptor alpha interferes with adiponectin effects on breast cancer cell growth 65
The Tumor Suppressor PTEN as Molecular Switch Node Regulating Cell Metabolism and Autophagy: Implications in Immune System and Tumor Microenvironment 65
Ischemic Preconditioning Modulates the Peripheral Innate Immune System to Promote Anti-Inflammatory and Protective Responses in Mice Subjected to Focal Cerebral Ischemia 65
Effect of triiodothyronine administration on estrogen receptor contents in peripuberal Sertoli cells 64
Resveratrol, through NF-Y/p53/Sin3/HDAC1 complex phosphorylation, inhibits estrogen receptor alpha gene expression via p38MAPK/CK2 signaling in human breast cancer cells 63
Activity of Leydig cell in subjects with varicocele 63
Effects of a pure antiestrogen (ICI 164,384) on ER and PR contents in two hormone dependent and independent MCF-7 cell lines in the presence of estradiol and insulin 62
Role of IRS-1 signaling in insulin- induced modulation of estrogen receptors in breast cancer cells 60
Breast cancer: from estrogen to androgen receptor 60
Breast cancer cell survival signal is affected by bergapten combined with an ultraviolet irradiation 59
Attività metabolica della ghiandola surrenale di ratti a diverse età dalla castrazione e trattati con testosterone: metabolismo in vitro di H androstenedione 59
Evidence that the mouse insulin receptor substrate-1 belongs to the gene family on which the promoter is activated by estrogen receptor alpha through its interaction with Sp1 59
PEG-templated mesoporous silica nanoparticles exclusively target cancer cells 58
Interaction between estrogen receptor alpha and insulin/IGF signaling in breast cancer 56
Alcuni aspetti dell'attività leydigiana nei soggetti oligozoospermici con varicocele. 56
Experimental testing of a mathematical model relevant to the extrinsic pathway of apoptosis 55
Leptin enhances, via AP-1, expression of aromatase in the MCF-7 cell line 55
Bergapten inducing proteasome-dependent degradation of estrogen receptor alpha overcome breast cancer tamoxifen-resistance 55
Endogenous coactivator ARA70 interacts with estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha) and modulates the functional ERalpha/androgen receptor interplay in MCF-7 cells 55
Proliferative activity ER and PR contents in two hormone dipendent and indipendent MCF-7 cell lines: influence of estradiol and insulin. 55
Estrogen Receptor-β, through Sp1, Recruits a Corepressor Complex to the Estrogen Receptor-α Gene Promoter in Breast Cancer Cells 53
Physiological changes in androgen plasma levels with elapsing of time from castration in adult male rats 53
Non-classical anticancer agents: synthesis and biological evaluation of zinc(II) heteroleptic complexes 52
Plasma sex hormone concentrations during the riproductive cycle in the male lizard, Podarcis Sicula 52
Estrogen receptor alpha mediates the proliferative but not the cytotoxic dose-dependent effects of two major phytoestrogens on human breast cancer cells 52
Fsh-r human early male genital tract, testicular tumors and sperm: Its involvement in testicular disorders 52
A role for the anandamide in human sperm survival 51
null 51
Frontotemporal Dementia Sporadic Case associating two novel Tau mutations. Part two: molecular effect on Exon 10 alternative splicing 51
The in vitro conversion of 3H androstenedione to testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in the adrenal gland of castrated male rat: influence of gonadal steroid administration 50
Funzione tiroidea e steroidogenesi testicolare 49
Bergapten inducing proteasome-dependent degradation of ERalpha may overcome breast cancer tamoxifen-resistance 49
Modificazioni dell'assetto androgenico plasmatico dopo castrazione nel ratto maschio 49
SIRT3 gene expression: a link between inherited mitochondrial DNA variants and oxidative stress. 48
The influence of sampling point on testicular steroid concentrations in spermatic venous blood: A physiological approach to evaluate testicular secretion. 48
Follo-up study on the effects of thyroid hormone administration on androgen metabolism of peripubertal rat Sertoli cells 48
The in-vitro transformation of H3dehydroepiandrosterone into its principal metabolites in the adrenal cortex of adult castrated male rats and following steroid treatment 48
Effects of tri-iodothyronine on alternative splicing events in the coding region of cytochrome P450 aromatase in immature rat Sertoli cells 48
Evidences that leptin upregulates E-cadherin gene expression in breast cancer and promotes tumor cell growth and progression 48
Effects of the elapsing of time after castration on circulating androgen plasma levels in adult male rats 48
Insulin can modulate MCF-7 cell response to paclitaxel 47
Up-regulatory effects of androgens on estrogen receptor in MCF-7 breast cancer cells 47
Influence of genistein on the up-regulatory effects induced by insulin on cell growth and on ER content in two MCF-7 parental sublines 47
Molecular mechanism through which leptin upregulates e-cadherin expression and influences breast cancer cell growth and progression 47
Influence of thyroid hormone on androgen metabolism, AR and ER contents in peripuberal Sertoli cells. 46
Effects of psoralens as anti-tumoral agents in breast cancer cells 45
Funzione tiroidea e metabolismo androgenico nelle cellule del Sertoli. 45
The modulatory role of IRS-1 on cell adhesion in human breast cancer cells 45
Thyroid hormone modulates androgen and estrogen receptor content in the Sertoli cells of peripuberal rats 45
Modificazioni dell'assetto androgenico plasmatico in ratti maschi castrati dopo somministrazioni di alcuni steroidi sessuali 45
Testosterone precursors in spermatic vein of varicocele patients. An evidence of impaired testosterone biosynthesis 45
The G Protein-coupled Receptor 30 Is Up-regulated by Hypoxia-inducible Factor-1 alpha (HIF-1 alpha) in Breast Cancer Cells and Cardiomyocytes 45
Evidences that leptin upregulates E-cadherin expression in breast cancer: effects on tumor growth and progression 45
Functional interactions between extracellular matrix proteins and estrogen receptor alpha in modulating adhesion and motility in breast cancer cell lines 45
Proliferative activity, ER and PR contents in two hormone dependent and independent MCF-7 cell lines: influence of estradiol and insulin 44
Sex steroids in plasma and testis of Podarcis S.Sicula Raf. during the reproductive cycle. 44
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