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Nome #
LAT1 is the transport competent unit of the LAT1/CD98 heterodimeric amino acid transporter 220
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Novel functional properties of the human OCTN1 transporter reconstituted in liposomes Implications in Crohn’s disease 28
I trasportatori di membrana e rene. XXI Corso Aggiornamento Nefrologia Cosenza 19-20 Giugno 2015. Presentazione orale 28
THE GLUTAMINE B0AT1 TRANSPORTER, A MOLECULAR TARGET OF NIMESULIDE. Congresso annuale del Gruppo italiano di Bioenergetica e Biomembrane (GIBB). Presentazione orale 28
Inactivation of the glutamine/amino acid transporter ASCT2 by 1,2,3-dithiazoles: proteoliposomes as a tool to gain insights in the molecular mechanism of action and of antitumor activity 28
Novel localization of OCTN1 in peritoneum. Functional role and relevance to human health. Gottinger Transporttage 2014. Presentazione orale 27
Inhibition of the OCTN2 carnitine transporter by HgCl2 and methylmercury in the proteoliposome experimental model: insights in the mechanism of toxicity 26
OCTN1: A Widely Studied but Still Enigmatic Organic Cation Transporter Linked to Human Pathology and Drug Interactions 22
Heterologous (Over) Expression of Human SoLute Carrier (SLC) in Yeast: A Well-Recognized Tool for Human Transporter Function/Structure Studies 3
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