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ES - Italia 3
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Rende 93
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Roxbury 88
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Guangzhou 2
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Jinan 2
Nanchang 2
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Woodbridge 2
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Canberra 1
Candiolo 1
Changsha 1
Cosenza 1
Dublin 1
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Kuala Lumpur 1
Kyoto 1
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Melbourne 1
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Mumbai 1
Nagold 1
Ningbo 1
Palermiti 1
Sestao 1
Strasbourg 1
Sydney 1
Xalapa 1
Yerevan 1
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Nome #
Cholesteric solid spherical microparticles: Chiral optomechanics and microphotonics 83
Surface relief gratings on polymer dispersed liquid crystals by polarization holography 77
Highly efficient liquid crystal based diffraction grating induced by polarization holograms at the aligning surfaces 77
Self-organized internal architectures of chiral micro-particles 73
Electrical control of nanoparticles arrays created via topological defect lines design in anisotropic fluids 73
All-optical control of gain via surface-induced photorefractivity in twistable nematic 71
Manipulation of colloids by optical and electrical control of disclination lines in liquid crystals 70
Method for artifact-free circular dichroism measurements based on polarization grating 68
Polarization dependent optomechanics mediated by chiral microresonators 67
Generation of complex beams by means of polarization holograms 67
Influence of Photoanisotropies on Light-Controllable Structuration of Azopolymer Surface 66
A Bifunctional Amorphous Polymer Exhibiting Equal Linear and Circular Photoinduced Birefringences 64
Tunable Surface Patterning of Azopolymer by Vectorial Holography: The Role of Photoanisotropies in the Driving Force 64
Liquid crystal microlens arrays recorded by polarization holography 62
Highly efficient generation of vector beams through polarization holograms 61
Spectrograph based on a single diffractive element for real time measurement of circular dichroism 60
Erratum: Collective motion of chiral Brownian particles controlled by a circularly-polarized laser beam (Soft Matter (2020) 16 (7704-7714) DOI: 10.1039/C9SM02404B) 58
Polymer dispersed liquid crystals: effects of photorefractivity and local heating on holographic recording 56
Assessment of EtQxBox complexation in solution by steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy 55
Extremely sensitive light-induced reorientation in nondoped nematic liquid crystal cells due to photoelectric activation of the interface 54
2D gratings of twisted nematic induced by polarization holography 54
Charge transport due to photoelectric interface activation in pure nematic liquid crystal cells 52
Electrical response of a liquid crystal cell: The role of Debye's layer 51
Pure two-dimensional polarization patterns for holographic recording 51
Liquid crystal as laser medium with tunable gain spectra 51
Polarization holograms allow highly efficient generation of complex light beams 51
Electrically tunable two-dimensional liquid crystals gratings induced by polarization holography 51
Polarized spectra of amplified spontaneous emission and gain for glycerin solutions of dye Rhodamine-640 50
Tuning the Thermal Properties of Azopolymers Synthesized by Post-Functionalization of Poly(propargyl Methacrylate) with Azobenzene Azides: Influence on the Generation of Linear and Circular Birefringences 50
Collective motion of chiral Brownian particles controlled by a circularly-polarized laser beam 50
Polarization holograms in a bifunctional amorphous polymer exhibiting equal values of photoinduced linear and circular birefringences 49
Exploring unconventional capabilities of holographic tweezers 48
Sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy study of photo-irradiated polymer surfaces 47
Quasi-in-plane leaky lasing modes from thin waveguiding layers of nematic and cholesteric liquid crystals 47
Reversible photoinduced chiral structure in amorphous polymer for light polarization control 47
Simple voltage tunable liquid crystal laser 47
Photopatterning of Azobenzene-Containing Liquid Crystalline Triblock Copolymers: Light-Induced Anisotropy and Photostabilization 46
Spatial periodicity of photorefractive orientational gratings in dye-doped polymer-liquid crystal composite 45
Vector beams generated by tunable liquid crystal polarization holograms 45
Molecular orientation and alignment of rubbed poly(vinyl cinnamate) surfaces 45
Transient photoinduced current in dye-doped polymer and polymer-dispersed liquid crystals 45
Periodic defects lines in liquid crystal cell guided by polarization holograms at an aligning surface 45
Shaping Airy beams by using tunable polarization holograms 45
Chiral resolution of spin angular momentum in linearly polarized and unpolarized light 44
Mirrorless lasing from nematic liquid crystals in the plane waveguide geometry without refractive index or gain modulation 44
Band narrowing and gain spectra of laser dye solutions with scattering TiO2 nanoparticles 44
Influence of the ions on the dynamical response of a nematic cell submitted to a dc voltage 43
Sensing vase-to-kite switching of cavitands by sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy 43
Electric field tuning a spectrum of nematic liquid crystal lasing with the use of a periodic shadow mask 43
Polymer stabilized monodispersed liquid crystal droplets: microfluidics generation and optical analysis 43
Core-shell chiral polymeric-metallic particles obtained in a single step by concurrent light induced processes 43
Lasing in cholesteric liquid crystal cells: Competition of Bragg and leaky modes 42
Probing Cavitand-Organosilane Hybrid Bilayers via Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy 42
Surface-induced photorefractive-like effect in pure liquid crystals 42
Polarization Holographic Recording in Amorphous Polymer with Photoinduced Linear and Circular Birefringence 42
Nonlocal dynamic gratings and energy transfer by optical two-beam coupling in a nematic liquid crystal owing to highly sensitive photoelectric reorientation 41
Metodo per la misura di proprietà chiro-ottiche in tempo reale basato su un reticolo di polarizzazione 41
Investigation of photorefractive effect in dye doped PDLC: TBC experiments and photoinduced currents measurements 40
Generation of curvilinear inhomogeneous polarization beams 40
Real-Time Circular Dichroism Spectrograph Based on a Single Liquid Crystal Diffractive Element 39
Metodo e dispositivo per la misura in tempo reale di dicroismo circolare 39
Method and Device for Measuring Circular Dichroism in real Time 39
Surface vibrational spectroscopic studies of rubbed polyvinyl cinnamate for liquid crystal alignment 39
Liquid Crystal Based Polarization Gratings for Spectro-Polarimetric Applications 38
Surface vibrational spectroscopy on polyvinyl cinnamate: Searching for molecular-level understanding of surface-induced liquid crystal alignment 38
Surface-induced photorefractivity in twistable nematics: toward the all-optical control of gain 38
Optical Manipulation of Liquid Crystal Droplets Through Holographic Polarized Tweezers: Magnus Effect 37
Polarization gratings allow for real-time and artifact-free circular dichroism measurements 37
Single-step polarization holographic method for programmable microlens arrays 36
Probing Molecular Recognition at the Solid-Gas Interface by Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy 36
Photorefractive-like gratings in non-doped nematic liquid crystal cells induced by photoelectric activation of polymer-liquid crystal interface 36
Diffractive spectrograph for real time circular dichroism measurements 35
Biocompatible and biomimetic keratin capped Au nanoparticles enable the inactivation of mesophilic bacteria via photo-thermal therapy 35
Optical two beam coupling for a surface induced photorefractive effect in undoped liquid crystals 34
Light-induced rotations of chiral birefringent microparticles in optical tweezers 34
Photorefractive effect due to a photoinduced surface-charge modulation in undoped liquid crystals 33
Polarization dependent optical forces on chiral microresonators 31
Photoinduced superstructural chirality in photochromic polymer: A viable route to light polarization control 31
Magnus force effect in optical manipulation 30
Optical trapping and manipulation involving liquid crystals and vectorial holography 30
Light manipulation of nanoparticles in arrays of topological defects 30
Quasi-in-plane leaky modes in lasing cholesteric liquid crystal cells 30
Insight into diffusive and convective processes affecting gold nanoparticles microclustering by multiphoton photoreduction 30
Polarization gradient: exploring an original route for optical trapping and manipulation 29
Topological defects arrays and control of electro-convections in periodically photo-aligned bent-core nematics 29
Supramolecular Chiral Structures: Smart Polymer Organization Guided by 2D Polarization Light Patterns 27
Tuning Cholesteric Selective Reflection In Situ Upon Two-Photon Polymerization Enables Structural Multicolor 4D Microfabrication 27
Multi-wavelength optical patterning for multiscale materials design 26
Plasmon-enhanced rotational dynamics of anisotropic core-shell polymeric-metallic microparticles 8
Highly Resolved and Cross‐Talk Free Multiplexed Holograms via Broadband Vectorial Interferometry 6
Role of the Polymeric Matrix and Surface Affinity During Gold Nanoparticles Patterning by Multi-Photon Photo-Reduction 4
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2019/2020846 8475081 54217 5492 14498541
2020/2021663 98208391 1187 984 6911073
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