SINDONA, Antonio
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NA - Nord America 1822
EU - Europa 1102
AS - Asia 139
AF - Africa 136
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 7
OC - Oceania 7
SA - Sud America 5
Totale 3218
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 1760
UA - Ucraina 482
DE - Germania 332
SN - Senegal 136
SE - Svezia 132
IT - Italia 82
TR - Turchia 75
CA - Canada 57
CN - Cina 56
BE - Belgio 34
RU - Federazione Russa 16
AU - Australia 7
EU - Europa 7
FI - Finlandia 7
FR - Francia 6
GB - Regno Unito 6
CU - Cuba 4
BR - Brasile 3
EC - Ecuador 2
HK - Hong Kong 2
IN - India 2
JP - Giappone 2
AT - Austria 1
EE - Estonia 1
ES - Italia 1
JO - Giordania 1
MX - Messico 1
NL - Olanda 1
RO - Romania 1
SG - Singapore 1
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Città #
Chandler 440
Jacksonville 378
Dearborn 222
Dakar 136
San Mateo 135
Roxbury 78
Lawrence 77
Izmir 73
Ann Arbor 69
Bremen 53
Grafing 45
Ottawa 45
Des Moines 44
Inglewood 37
Beijing 34
Brussels 34
Wilmington 31
Brooklyn 25
Florence 20
Boardman 15
Rende 15
Toronto 11
Redwood City 10
San Francisco 10
Helsinki 7
Comiso 5
Redmond 5
Sydney 5
Cambridge 3
Falls Church 3
Hefei 3
Kunming 3
Nanchang 3
Ashburn 2
Cosenza 2
Gunzenhausen 2
Mascalucia 2
Melbourne 2
Messina 2
Nanjing 2
Quito 2
Rome 2
Tokyo 2
Woodbridge 2
Amman 1
Amsterdam 1
Andover 1
Arnsberg 1
Augusta 1
Berlin 1
Central 1
Changsha 1
Costa Mesa 1
Falkenstein 1
Guangzhou 1
Haikou 1
Hangzhou 1
Houston 1
Hyderabad 1
Jinan 1
Lanzhou 1
Leawood 1
Los Angeles 1
Madrid 1
Markham 1
Mexico City 1
Munich 1
Norwalk 1
Qingdao 1
Rosarno 1
Salerno 1
Scuola 1
Shenyang 1
Singapore 1
São Paulo 1
Taizhou 1
Tallinn 1
Taramani 1
Vienna 1
Totale 2131
Nome #
Dynamic core hole screening in small-diameter conducting carbon nanotubes: A cluster density functional study 67
Electronic structure of epitaxial graphene grown on stepped Pt(997) 63
Studies of electron emission in the interaction of electrons with graphene on Ni(111) Surface 61
Bulk and surface plasmon excitation in the interaction of He+ with Mg surfaces 59
Calibration of the fine-structure constant of graphene by time-dependent density-functional theory 59
Plasmon properties of doped or gated graphene nanoribbon arrays with armchair shaped edges 58
Primary energy dependence of secondary electron emission from graphene adsorbed on Ni(111) 57
Statistics of work and orthogonality catastrophe in discrete level systems: an application to fullerene molecules and ultra-cold trapped Fermi gases 57
Interband π-like plasmon in silicene grown on silver 57
Advanced techniques for the band structure-quantum transport modeling in graphene and 2D-materials beyond graphene 56
High energy excited states of graphene adsorbed on Ni(111) 54
Acoustic plasmons in extrinsic free-standing graphene 54
Local charge exchange of He+ ions at Aluminum surfaces 54
Auger Electron Emission from Metals Induced by Low Energy Ion Bombardment: Effect of the Band Structure and Fermi Edge Singularity 53
Probing graphene interfaces with secondary electrons 51
Many body shake up in X-ray photoemission from bundles of lithium-intercalated single-walled carbon nanotubes 51
Decoherence in a Fermion Environment: Non-Markovianity and Orthogonality Catastrophe 51
Comparison of rigorous vs approximate methods for accurate calculation of 2D-materials band structures and applications to THz nanoelectronics 50
A comparative study of the plasmonic properties of graphene on lattice-matched and lattice-mismatched Ni surfaces 50
Wave packet study of the secondary emission of negatively charged, monoatomic ions from sputtered metals 49
Core-hole effects in fullerene molecules and small-diameter conducting nanotubes: a density functional theory study 49
Absence of reionization in low-energy Na+ scattering from Al surfaces 48
Broadening effects in Auger neutralization of 130-430eV Ar ions at Al surfaces 47
Scattering Resonances in bilayer graphene 47
Many-Body Effects in Auger Electron Emission from Finite-Length Carbon Nanotubes 46
Secondary Electron Spectra of Graphene on Ni(111) Surface 46
Tunable plasmons in regular planar arrays of graphene nanoribbons with armchair and zigzag-shaped edges 46
Signatures of the single-particle mobility edge in the ground-state properties of Tonks-Girardeau and noninteracting Fermi gases in a bichromatic potential 46
Surface influences on resonant ionization during sputtering 45
Innovative full wave modeling of plasmon propagation in graphene by dielectric permittivity simulations based on density functional theory 45
Quantitative analysis of coupling effects in cross-flow membrane emulsification 44
Electron excitation in the interaction of slow ions and electrons with metals and monolayer graphite on Ni(111) surfaces 44
Cluster and periodic density functional study of auger electron emission from conducting carbon nanotubes 44
Ab initio modelling of dielectric screening and plasmon resonances in extrinsic silicene 43
Orthogonality Catastrophe and Decoherence in a Trapped Fermion Environment 42
Entanglement in a spin system with inverse square statistical interaction 41
Kinetic electron excitation in the interaction of slow Kr+ ions with Al surfaces 41
Dielectric screening and plasmon resonances in bilayer graphene 41
Double electron excitation in He ions interacting with an aluminum surface 41
Nitrogen doping of single walled carbon nanotubes by low energy N2+ ion implantation 40
Ion emission from an electronically perturbed solid surface: A general formulation 40
Mandala making with mathematica 40
Deep level promotion mechanism in sputtering 40
Charge transfer in single and multiple scattering events at metal surfaces: a wavepacket study of the Na+/Cu(100) system 40
Wave packet evolution of the valence state of a hyperthermal sodium ion impinging on a copper surface 40
Many Body Shake-up in Auger Neutralization of Slow Ar+ Ions at Al Surfaces 40
Evidences of a double resonant ionization mechanism in sputtering of metals 39
Secondary electron emission spectra from clean and cesiated Al surfaces: the role of plasmon decay and data analysis for applications 39
Plasmon oscillations in two-dimensional arrays of ultranarrow graphene nanoribbons 39
Statistics of the work distribution for a quenched Fermi gas 38
Sub-threshold plasmon excitation in free-electron metals by helium ions 38
Core-hole effects in fullerene molecules and small-diameter conducting nanotubes: a density functional study 38
Resonant mechanisms for negative ionization of secondary emitted atoms from sputtered metals 37
Kinetic electron emission from Al surfaces by slow ions 37
Observation of excited states of graphene on Ni(111) by secondary electron spectroscopy 37
Electrical conductivity of graphene: a time-dependent density functional theory study 37
The role of Al-Auger electrons in kinetic electron emission from Al surfaces by slow Ne+ and Na+ ions 36
Spatial dispersion effects upon local excitation of extrinsic plasmons in a graphene micro-disk 36
Quantum-state transfer via resonant tunneling through local-field-induced barriers 35
Evidence for charge exchange effects in electronic excitations in Al by slow singly charged He ions 35
Plasmon modes of graphene nanoribbons with periodic planar arrangements 35
Wave-packet study of hyperthermal alkali ion neutralization at metal surfaces 35
Plasmon properties and hybridization effects in silicene 32
Electron emission in the interaction of 300 eV Na+ ions with Al surfaces 31
Full-wave techniques for the electromagnetic-quantum transport modeling in nano-devices 31
Electromagnetic characterization of graphene and graphene nanoribbons via ab-initio permittivity simulations 31
Kinetic electron emission from metal surfaces by slow Na+ ions 30
Negative ionization of the secondary ions of Silver and Gold sputtered from their elemental surfaces 30
Fermi edge singularities in ion-induced electron emission from plane metal surfaces 30
Many-qubit quantum state transfer via spin chains 29
Excitation of surface-waves at terahertz frequencies on a suspended graphene sheet 28
The role of atomic collisions in kinetic electron emission from Al surfaces by slow ions 28
Role of many body shake-up in core-valence-valence electron emission from single wall carbon nanotubes 28
Molecular dynamics study of kinetic electron emission induced by slow sodium ions incident on gold surfaces 27
Plasmon modes in extrinsic graphene: ab initio simulations vs semi-classical models 26
Ion emission from an electronically perturbed solid surface: a generalized formulation 26
Signatures of the single-particle mobility edge in the ground-state properties of Tonks-Girardeau and noninteracting Fermi gases in a bichromatic potential 21
Calibration of Fermi Velocity to Explore the Plasmonic Character of Graphene Nanoribbon Arrays by a Semi-Analytical Model 6
Dielectric screening versus geometry deformation in two-dimensional allotropes of silicon and germanium 4
Massive and massless plasmons in germanene nanosheets 3
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